The Blood of Non-Violence

Those of you familiar with Jainism will recognize this symbol right away.  For those that don’t, the palm with the wheel signifies Ahimsa, one of the main principles of Jainism.  It essentially is a symbol meaning to do no harm to any other living creature.  Seeing it in this form is interesting, as the creation of this involved not only cutting but branding as well, both of which are pretty harmful.  So who better than a minister then to create this piece.  Richard Effin Ivey is a minister with the Church of Body Modification, and part of his personal beliefs is using modification for spiritual growth and harmony.  Richard serves as a conduit, bringing his faith and skill into his work so that the owner of this scar will take away something that will be with him forever in body, mind, and spirit.

Richard works at Warlock’s Tattoo in Raleigh, NC.

3 thoughts on “The Blood of Non-Violence

  1. I have seen this guy post pictures of he has done but never any of healed work.kinda skeptical.

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