Guess What?

After last week’s relatively easy Guess What I figured I’d throw something a little harder at you this week.  As usual, you see the cropped image below, guess what it is, then click “Read more” to see if you’re right.

Well?  What do you think it is?  Take a guess and read on to see if you’re right.

I’ll concede that it was fairly obvious it was in the nether regions, but something tells me not too many of you guessed that it’s a guiche piercing.  It’s not often we see a guiche stretched to 14mm, so don’t be ashamed if you didn’t get it right this time around.  There’s always next time.

16 thoughts on “Guess What?

  1. Having seen the click through, I’m still none the wiser. My guiche doesn’t protrude anywhere near as much as that. Definitely need more pics of this.

  2. I guessed it was a hafada, because those are obviously pubes, but damn that’s a huge guiche. Plus this picture looks like it was taken at a super weird angle.

  3. Looks like the string is to keep from losing the O rings. I’m sure with all the movement associated with this piercing at such a large size they’re liable to pop off and be lost. At least they’ll stay on the string loop this way.

  4. I’m not buying it. this looks like a female pubic mound. The piercing looks like its a couple inches above the top of the vagina.

  5. I guessed guiche, but looking at it, it looks like it could even be something below their navel? :S

  6. The hand DOES look quite female? Regarding those suggesting it’s a pubic mound…

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