Pierced and Pointed

In addition to being a member of Russia’s #Leeds Suspension Team, Arseniy Andersson is an accomplished body modification artist.  One year ago Arseniy pointed this young woman’s ears, and here’s how it looks today.  If I’m not mistaken, at least one of the multiple piercings she has is going through the pointed area.

10 thoughts on “Pierced and Pointed

  1. I’m curious if she can sleep on that side at night…and if her ears are smelly. It must be hard to clean all those piercings every day!

  2. the pointed ears in combo with the shave eyebrows and colored dreads make her look out of this world, in the best possible way

  3. It seems to me that several years ago, this lady was interviewed on TV in Europe somewhere.
    At the time she had been looking for a surgeon to modify her ears with no success though….
    She finally found one !
    A neat job !
    I wish I could talk my woman into that!
    Maybe some day… It would look great on her too!!
    It looks great!

  4. in addiction, to Rob’s words:

    All these multiple piercings were done before this woman came to me to get her ears pointed.
    She had about 55 piercings in each ear, some of them were badly irritated, scared, etc.
    So it wasn’t easy work to point these ears.
    Nevertheless, i’ve successed in that.
    And piercings in pointed zone are just the legacy of that her 55, i don’t think it’s good idea to pierce pointed triangle in first year or two wearing.

    And as for:
    >Arseniy Andersson is an accomplished body modification artist.
    i’m still learining and looks like i will be learning next 10-20 years ;P but thanks for kind words.
    keep on keeping on! 😉

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