20 thoughts on “Silent Cameo

  1. It took me a while to figure out which way the text went, but that’s okay. This piece is absolutely fantastic. I love how real and shiny the blood looks going down the picture and the mix of styles (the more abstract and severe looking fonts mixed with the soft victorian-looking picture frame/portrait).

  2. This is typographic brilliance. Honestly, one of the most memorable and unique chest pieces that I’ve ever seen, as the traditional elements (swallows, skulls, roses etc.) are a little tired for me. And the girl who boasts it is totally hot.

  3. Why won’t it let me poooost? =[
    But yeah, thanks guys! First submission, first tattoo and I get modblogged. Sooo stoked.
    Thanks guys!

    <3 @ u Khy

  4. It actually WAS inspired by Volko’s style, I think David did a good job on making it his own. Honestly, I don’t much think it’s that similar. It’s graphic and has a similar color scheme, yes, but all aspects of it are from other sources. Even the splashes are from Robert Motherwell.

  5. @Luishayes, It’s not Chiodos. It’s a poem by Charles Bukowski that came out far before that horrid song.

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