Silent Cameo

There are times when the tattoo just needs to be shown without any commentary, simply because the tattoo itself speaks volumes.  This is one of those times.

Charles Bukowski quote.

Louise Brooks portrait.

David Allen from Insight in Chicago, artist.

20 thoughts on “Silent Cameo

  1. It took me a while to figure out which way the text went, but that’s okay. This piece is absolutely fantastic. I love how real and shiny the blood looks going down the picture and the mix of styles (the more abstract and severe looking fonts mixed with the soft victorian-looking picture frame/portrait).

  2. This is typographic brilliance. Honestly, one of the most memorable and unique chest pieces that I’ve ever seen, as the traditional elements (swallows, skulls, roses etc.) are a little tired for me. And the girl who boasts it is totally hot.

  3. Why won’t it let me poooost? =[
    But yeah, thanks guys! First submission, first tattoo and I get modblogged. Sooo stoked.
    Thanks guys!

    <3 @ u Khy

  4. It actually WAS inspired by Volko’s style, I think David did a good job on making it his own. Honestly, I don’t much think it’s that similar. It’s graphic and has a similar color scheme, yes, but all aspects of it are from other sources. Even the splashes are from Robert Motherwell.

  5. @Luishayes, It’s not Chiodos. It’s a poem by Charles Bukowski that came out far before that horrid song.

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