Wyld Stallyns

I don’t know how she does it, but Joey Pang is able to transform her machine into a paint brush.  This horse doesn’t look like a tattoo, but rather a watercolor on canvas.  Every stroke bringing it to life, to the point that it looks like it is about to leap off the leg.  It’s simply gorgeous.

Joey is the owner of Tattoo Temple located in Hong Kong.

6 thoughts on “Wyld Stallyns

  1. Every Joey pang tattoo I see just blows me away. So impressive. I really hope one day our paths cross…..

  2. Joeys a lady. ;)

    so glad that both Tattoo Temple and Star Crossed are getting regularly featured on here, finally destroying any stereotype people have of Hong Kong triad-chicken-scratching tattoos.

    852 represent!

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