Reborn in flame

The phoenix story is one of rebirth, and it’s because of this that ZSSailer chose the phoenix for this tattoo.

I’m proud of the story behind this tattoo. I used to weigh 312 pounds, but at 23 was diagnosed with several bad health problems (go figure), and decided to make a change. Today, at 24, I’m a healthy 205 pounds, and putting on more pounds in solid muscle….I’ve traded the acts of overeating for those of bodybuilding, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. To commemorate my accomplishments, I wanted a phoenix on my chest to acknowledge my rebirth. The feathers falling off symbolize my weight loss, the rays of light above symbolize how my soul feels like it’s shining in my new body, and the scale in the ashes symbolizes that I no longer fear stepping on a scale.

Tattoo by Aleks Salanek from Beneath the Skin Tattoo in Pottstown, PA.

4 thoughts on “Reborn in flame

  1. I LOVE IT! My first tattoo was a phoenix, for my steady rise out of the ashes that crohn’s disease left my life and body as. <3 the artwork is beautiful!

  2. Really impressive tattoo. What is also impressive is losing a third of your bodyweight in a year and turning your life around. Big congratulations!

  3. That’s really inspiring. It’s my goal to lose 100 pounds in 3 years. Hope this guy doesn’t mind being a role model!

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