Felix Felicis

This vial of liquid was tattooed by Sebo from Mystery Touch Tattoo in Gleisdorf, Austria.  The style used really works well for this design as it gives a beautiful sense of depth for an image that is cartoony in nature.

8 thoughts on “Felix Felicis

  1. it actually looks really cool with that style, but I think the shadows are wrong somehow, on top they are on the left side, in the middle they are on both sides and on the bottom they are below the vial..

    It looks pretty cool anyway!!

  2. It looks great.

    trashbucket – With the angle of the bottle neck, those shadows could happen from a light above where the camera is for the photo.

  3. Sebo and Ulrich/FacetheFact rule this style ! (sweet discussion about the “right” shadow in a surrealistic tat…….made my laugh ;-P)

  4. Why is it so hard to find a decent health potion design?

    I like the coloring technique all the same.

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