Injected with a poison

One of the galleries that doesn’t get a lot of coverage is the Art Gallery.  It’s located in the culture section of the galleries, and is a showcase of artwork from many talented artists the world over.  Paintings, sketches, sculpture, and photography are just some of the mediums you’ll find there.  This example comes from photographer Ivana O. whose work you saw earlier today with the corset photo.

9 thoughts on “Injected with a poison

  1. I love this to me it is representative of the dynamics we inject into our lives by modifying ourselves.

  2. Jay: Being someone who works in photoshop regularly, it takes much more than “5 minutes of clicking”. Yes, it does take more time if it’s done in a dark room or drawn or whatever, but it’s not the amount of time that makes something “art”. Keep in mind that there is also the whole process of setting up the photograph that has to happen pre-photoshop.

  3. Not to put this piece down as it is pretty awesome and it is great to see some art finally being seen on mod blog again however out of all the art in the mod galleries it was suprizing that this was the first to be featured here in so long.

  4. nice to see something a bit different :) and while i’m not all that good at ‘getting’ art, could this be somethign about hte addiction to body modification??

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