Oh Brad

I’ll admit it, Lucass is one of my favorite image submitters.  The reason:  he’s always up for doing something fun with his mods.  I asked him a while back to send in pictures from his trip to Europe, and got this photo of the Eiffel tower in response.  Recently his friend Brad had a birthday, and this is what Lucass did for him that day.

Now that’s a dedicated friend.

5 thoughts on “Oh Brad

  1. It pretty clearly says Brad. And it’s here because it’s cute that he got his buddy’s name on his belly.

  2. oh I see, it’s stylized letters. Not the font style I would have chosen when writing something in blood on my body, personally.

    what does being cute have to do with body modification?

  3. *or cut into my body – whatever. If I were going for a name scar, I’d do big solid letters for clarity.

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