Spiritual scarification

It’s no secret that body modification can be a spiritual experience for people.  So it shouldn’t come as a shock to see spiritual symbols appearing in every form of modification.  Take this lotus/Om scarification by Jesse Villarreal.  To some people getting cut for a scarification piece is a way for them to feel a sense of transcendence.  The fact that this experience is coupled with a very spiritual image just makes it all the more significant.

3 thoughts on “Spiritual scarification

  1. Happy Birthday Shannnon and many, many, many more…….Namaste, M.

    Now for comment/question, I was think of getting my “blood badges”, each is a red stripe across the sleeve of your Navy Dress Uniform. Each badge represents the years honorably served. I would have 1 & 3/4 ( I was medically retired days away from my 8th year, rat bastards would have to pay me more in disability.
    Anyways all my scars heal very smoothly & light in color. I have 1 on colar bone that no one ever notices. I am not afraid of the pain, but would it be better that brading?

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