Lolben knocks it out of the park with his combination Zelda/Dark Crystal torso.  Not only is this probably one of the biggest geek pieces I’ve seen, but it’s also really well done.  Hats off to Aaron Cooper from Staircase Tattoo in Santa Cruz, CA for this epic masterpiece.

9 thoughts on “Nerdgasm

  1. Dark Crystal was and is one of my favorite movies ever. It was the 2nd movie I ever watched as a kid (Star Wars was first) :D


  2. Aaron is a great tattoo artist and all around swell guy. He’s also a killer drummer. Check out his band 39 Fingers.

  3. His belly button is in the purple monster with the big eyes, almost shaped like a heart. It is almost where a third eye would be placed.
    I love love love the Dark Crystal part. Phenominal.

  4. I love the way the bellybutton is incorporated I have never seen one done that way

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