Connect Four

4 simple steps to creating a 4-way tandem suspension:

Step 1:  Hook up the top person using 6 Gilson hooks just above his knees, and then another 4 in his torso to hold the rigging plate below him.

Step 2:  Repeat step one

Step 3: Add the last 2 people using a 2 point suicide for both of them, with knee hooks to join them together.

Step 4: Step back and watch the four people enjoy an amazing suspension.

Remember to only attempt something like this in the presence of skilled practitioners and the difficulty level for something like this is astronomical.  One thing to note is that the top person has a secondary harnesses attached as a backup in case of hook or skin failure.

Congratulations to Moscow’s Sinner Team for pulling this off safely.

7 thoughts on “Connect Four

  1. Being that he is upside down I think the second down should also have a harness as that could still be a fatal fall.

    If it were me (I’m not talkin trash, I haven’t even got to do my first suspension yet!) I would have the top 3 all have harnesses so so that people are not falling on top of the lowest person either! haha

  2. Impressive… showing what’s possible. But that I’d never do, I like comfortable suspensions. This one here is sport, reaaly good top level sport – a good world-record (don’t think anyone did that successfully before…)

  3. amazed at the strength of other people’s knee skin…..a little jealous, really.

    well done Muscovites, again! 😉

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