The Friday Follow-up

Once again Friday is upon us, which means it’s time for another scarification follow-up post.  Today’s scar is about 7 months old and was done by Anders on Chade‘s hand.  You may recall seeing it back in January when I first posted it. Here’s how it looked when it was fresh:

And here’s how it looks 7 months later.

9 thoughts on “The Friday Follow-up

  1. Gah, my girlfriend dumped me for talking about wanting to do scarification and branding.. If only I could have shown her how beautiful they are.

    Seeing photos like this continually makes me want scar work done, so maybe it was for the better, I will just wait and hopefully find someone that would be comfortable with it.

  2. if your girlfriend dumped you for that, she wasn’t worth it anyway

    get whatever you want, and don’t settle for someone who doesn’t appreciate you for who you are

  3. Thanks guys! Actually that first pic was taken about half way through the procedure, before the removal was done. Check out my album (or Anders’) for a pic of the final product.

    And SolidOak, I agree with Meow. She was never worth it.

  4. Haha thanks guys! (don’t really know why I posted that on here this a.m.)

    The piece is wonderful. I love the placement and the 1/4 design, gives it flow like its moving up your arm.

    Any plans for more work? haha

  5. Ahh there’s always more plans! Originally I was going to get a mirror design on the opposite hand but I’m unsure now. You’ll just have to wait and see lol.

    Thanks again guys :)

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