10 thoughts on “In the pit

  1. Oh wow. is that an armpit?!
    and the swastika has been around for AGES before it was adopted by the nazis and such.
    Its a gorgeous design, i love dotwork.

  2. “And before anyone even thinks to say it, no this isn’t a nazi symbol.”

    What you (probably) mean to write is “no, this isn’t JUST a nazi symbol.”

    Saying it is not a nazi symbol is historically incorrect.

    Quite why someone who is not from a culture/religion that actively uses (and has always used) this symbol would wish to have this on them is another matter. You pays your money, to makes your choice.

  3. 4 – Same reason people from cultures which dont historically tattoo themselves get tattooed.

  4. re: #5 Jay, who is to say that we as a whole, HUMANITY, didn’t tattoo ourselves at our earliest stages? Therefore, we all have a right to be tattooed.

  5. People tend to forget that the Greeks, the Romans, the Celts, the Vikings, the Alamanni, the Merovingians… used the Swastika in Europe. In all variations. So most Europeans descent from cultures, that commonly used the swastika.
    And by the way early Europeans had actually tattoos. Ötzi for example…

  6. Inka, it’s clearly a Jain swastika, nothing like the Nazi one.

    Are you denying the right of the wearer to chose his religion (Jain/Hinduism/Buddhism)?

    That sounds a tad fascistic to me…

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