Does this count for Movember?

We’re 2 weeks away from Movember (or No Shave November if you prefer) so now’s the perfect time to start getting ready to send in those pictures of some fantastic facial hair.  The question now is, does Joeltron‘s stretched lobes to septum ‘stache count?

Oh, and of course we can’t forget his implants, piercings, lip disc and his tattooed eyeball.

26 thoughts on “Does this count for Movember?

  1. Anybody else find posts like these are what lead many to shy away from mod blog these days? Seriously I hope you publish this Rob because post after post of crap like this is boring the shit out of people and I want to see how many agree with me.just sayin… Anyone agree?

  2. Anybody else find that posts like These are what lead many to shy away from modblog? Seriously I hope you publish this post Rob because crap like this gets posted over and over again and I want to see how many people agree with me. Just saying….

  3. Sorry tried to copy and paste your above comment flesh and it wouldn’t work.. Anyway, about time someone said it! Sick of same posts and tools wanting fame from mods!

  4. I have to agree, not trying to start a shit storm but it’s about time someone said it. Sure he is heavily modded, yeah November is coming up and in Australia at least the month brings awareness to mens cancer issues and it is a great cause. But seriously time and time again it seems the same people are featured, the same themes, and too often the same tools wishing for fame through their mods. Modify for personal experience, not for some form of pseudo-fame. And I talk from experience because I know one too many of these clowns. Remember the good old days anyoneInterested to see if this publishes but enoughs enough, this will be my last visit to mod blog for a while:(

  5. Mmm flesh and scar make me wish modblog had a like button for comments needing praise. Had to be said!

  6. Flesh78 – Do you find you have conversations with yourself often? Here’s a tip if you don’t want people to know you’re posting multiple times pretending to be different people – don’t post agreeing with something that hasn’t made it through moderation yet.

  7. Interesting. 3 of us in the same house, one overseas posting from different emails and names and you list ALL post by me! Sad…

  8. Has mod blog and it’s moderators gotten that worried their readers have opinions that contrast with the majority that they have to falsify posts? You know what I’m talking about. Sad reflection of the state NMR has found its self in, good job!

  9. Haha ‘nmr’ godamm iPhone lol. Jay how so? A bunch of us had this opinion discussed it,sat around posting said opinion and all posts were published as my name.. Is there not 1other person who agrees that mod blog is as half as good as it used to be? If not then yes major fail on my part I will keep my opinions to myself

  10. That’s impressive that your overseas friend used the same IP address. Not to mention the fact that you’ve posted from all the different e-mail addresses in the past using the same name.

  11. I withdraw all argument Rob I fail.. you really do know how to squash any debate on the state modblog has found itself. I am but a worm..

  12. He doesn’t actually squash any debates though. People argue and criticize (including me) here all the time. He was just pointing out your lie.

  13. @Flesh78: The point isn’t to squash any debate. However pretending to be multiple people doesn’t help you at all. I’m curious as to why you think that Joel isn’t ModBlog worthy? He’s heavily modified and it’s an amusing photo. Every ModBlog author to date (yes including Shannon) has posted any number of photos like this. Now if your complaint is about the same people getting featured, it’s because they’re the ones sending in the photos. I’m always looking to post new people and new things, but unless the photos are submitted there isn’t a lot I can do.

    Oh, and just to give you some perspective, Meow is one of the people who has been extremely critical of my posts over the past year. I do pay attention to the criticisms and I’d like to think my posting style has changed since I first started writing for BME last year. But blanket statements like “ModBlog sucks now” doesn’t really help me know what it is you’re having a problem with.

  14. If different people posting from the same computer relays as being multiple people on your system then I can see how things look. Joel not mod blog worthy? That I am NOT saying. yes he is heavily modded. I just find so much is over looked on this site and I know I am not the only one who thinks so. I am sorry if you have taken this as a personal attack on your job.

  15. @Rob your posting style has definitely changed drastically from when you started, and it’s been pretty cool that you pay attention to what people want changed and do your best to change it. I think Modblog’s biggest issue at this point is just that it doesn’t get as many submissions as it used to, but you’ve done well blogging what you’re given. And you’re actually funny once in a while! – ba dum tchhh.

    thought I’d be positive for once :)

  16. The issue Flesh78, that makes me not believe you at all, is the fact that you posted several times and none of them were visible. They were all in moderation. Yet you’re agreeing with yourself. So really, how exactly did these other people in your house post their comments agreeing with you when your comments were in moderation and no one else could see them, including you?

    It’s fine if you don’t like what Rob is posting and you’re certainly free to debate with him but posting multiple times as if you’re different people agreeing with each other when none of the posts were visible at the time each comment was left is really silly. You really gave it away when you said you tried to copy and paste the previous person’s post (that you wrote) and it didn’t work but that you agreed (tried to copy and paste something that wasn’t published yet – not possible unless you wrote all of the posts yourself).

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