Shock and D’awwwww

I tend to shy away from obviously photoshopped photos, but when it comes to horror photography that involves suspensions, I let it slide.  To be fair the background is where about 99% of the photoshop work is, the rest is all practical make-up and props.

So clearly this photo of JackeeLynn is the “Shock” portion of this post.  Keep on reading to see the “D’awwwww” half, as well as the uncensored version of this photo.


Photography, MUA, SPFX, Post Production: Anathema Photography
Thank you to Christine & Rhys for the use of their space!

The suspension was facilitated by SuperDirk from BC’s Local Hookers Suspension Team.  As for the cuteness, here’s a photo from JackeeLynn and Dirk’s wedding that took place a couple of months back.  Congrats you two!

4 thoughts on “Shock and D’awwwww

  1. And I thought the censorship you used was special effects makeup smeared all over her breasts…

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