Rest in Peace Arwen Rosa

I hate this.  I hate having to write posts like these, but this one in particular just sucks so much.  As many of you know, Arwen “Spliff” Rosa was in a tragic accident earlier in the year.  Yesterday Spliff passed away after his lungs collapsed.  Arwen’s wife Jill was able to get to the hospital to say farewell to her partner, before he finally succumbed to the injuries of the accident.  I wish that I had the opportunity to meet him, as his presence can be felt throughout the entire suspension community.  He was filled with so much positivity and love that he passed on to all those he knew.  Today is a sad day because we’ve lost someone truly special, but we should also remember all the good that he was able to accomplish in his too short time with us.  In the coming days Hooklife will be setting up a memorial page for those who wish to pass on their memories of Arwen.  A donation page will also be established for those who wish to help out Jill and their beautiful daughter Odessa, who will sadly grow up without her father.

Rest in peace Arwen.

Photo courtesy Gary Driscoll.

13 thoughts on “Rest in Peace Arwen Rosa

  1. truly one of the most wonderful human beings I ever met. Gone too soon, rip spliff 🙁

  2. What awful news. We hate to read these as much as you hate to write them, I’m sure.

  3. RIP Spliff. I was just thinking about him earlier today before coming to Mod Blog, I was thinking I hadn’t seen an update for a while and was wondering how their family was recovering 🙁

  4. Toughest guy, mushy as a teddy bear
    My brother my father
    I love this guy
    Without him I would have never known what it means to really live
    I’ll miss him we all have lost a big part of ourselves

  5. arwen is my older brother… if you didnt know him u missed out… thank you so much to those that have shown support following the tragedy of the accident and the final loss this world has suffered…

  6. After 5 years of my son’s departure it still hurts, a lot!
    I can’t explain with words how much I miss him!
    But he didn’t leave me alone!
    He gave me 2 beautiful granddaughters, Adriana and Odessa and for that Arwem much gratitude!
    Also he left me this magical DFF family that I love so much, each one of you !
    Again filho, gratitude!
    I love you!

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