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  1. I like the interplay between the old and new, the finite and infinite, the Kat Von D stars and the Neo-Tribal on each side of his face. One speaks of a fickleness and the other speaks of a fickleness, following pop-culture on the one hand and grasping at and misappropriating symbols from a foreign culture on the other. Hanging out in graveyards is, like, totally something Kat Von D would appreciate. 😀

  2. ^.^ thanks Rob…second time now 🙂

    though I’ll say, it speaks to how I’m dressed and the setting of the pictures to how the comments turn out…funny that lol

    @ Jon P

    you say misappropriating foreign symbols in a way that I haven’t bothered to research and that I just rushed into the work head first like so much seen nowadays. The fact is the work has built up from designs I’ve created over the past decade and the ‘actual’ work itself has grown and been added to over the last 6 years since having my chin work first done. I researched long and hard and drew up numerous designs that would incorporate a similar style, without ‘actually’ being that style. And needless to say ‘uneducated people’ on the street instantly comment something stupid like “what tribe you in?” or “your from New Zealand?” or something but this is just those on the street (not saying your one of the uneducated there, just highlighting) but to those with actually any common sense and a few New Zealanders themselves, they clearly see its not trying to misappropriate or ‘rip off’ at all. Hell one guy I met whos father still has a traditional moko said he felt it was a compliment that I went to lengths to create an original design.

    Also bear in mind, I never refer to its as a moko as well. Oh and the ‘hanging out’ in graveyards? this wasn’t actually deliberate, my fiancée loves taking pictures of some of the historical sites in my city as shes just moved here and we were seeing some of the old 13th century churches and well I got bored and sat down, so she snapped a few pics for a laugh.

    @ Mr. Budd

    The right ear is PERFECT example of not listening to piercers and others with stretched lobes and rushing to much with stretching. I split that lobe quite a few years ago and got it fixed once but had problems so had to cut it again. Never thought again bout having it redone as I have grown accustomed and its a great talking point sometimes lol!

    also its great for if silly emo kids are asking question bout piercings and rushing things…I just say “dont rush or it will look like this!” haha

    @ Inka

    I don’t see how its a good example of home tattooing to be banned, as all my work was done in professional studios. And if its just a remark at the style and amount of work, then well NER! lol sorry that was a lil childish but so be it lol

    But if its a remark on the quality (the fade lines etc) if that can even be seen, then there is a reason. I had reactions to some tattoo aftercare when healing largest part facial work and it pulled some of the colouring out. I just have never got round to having it touched up as it was quite painful in the first place and strangely enough I hate pain lol

    @ Luke

    its not on a tumblr page…..is on my facebook page though haha 😛

    well….that was a lot of typing and given that a response will probably come back like the first saying I’m misunderstanding foreign cultures and blending it with pop culture ideals blah blah…..so to you people I say…bring on the comments 😀 lol

  3. I actually think that NZers *would* think you were ripping off ta moko, but as you’ve gone to painful lengths to explain, and as anyone who knows ta moko will know, this isn’t ta moko.

    [I actually had my shoulder-blades done by Dillon King on Saturday, ta moko, left and right, Tawhirimatea and Tumatauenga respectively.]

    At the end of the day, regardless of the sarcasm and word-wankery of my first post, I salute you for your willingness to live your life your own way. If I had more courage, and didn’t think it would impede my chances at being employed in the career I’m training in, I’d tattoo my neck like I’ve always wanted to but I won’t be doing it any time soon.

  4. I can’t for the life of me work out why someone would want that in the middle of their face? It hasn’t been done very well at all.

    I’m talking about that moustache. The tats look ok though.

  5. If that work was carried out by a professional artist please do give him a credit here in the comments.

  6. @ Jon P

    well thank you for your response Jon, an I respect your point you did make (even with the sarcasm and word wankery lol)

    each to his own and much respect all round the community eh 🙂

    @ smuff777

    haha…oh man….I salute you there with that…..its been removed now anyway…the other half was getting annoyed with it lol

    @ Inka

    I will not try and get into a pissing contest with you here because you think my artist was not professional either through what you believe is not quality work or because you believe that this artist should not be doing it on someone who is perhaps naive in thinking this is cool? maybe that was the direction you were intending this to go.

    whatever way it doesn’t matter…end of subject

  7. Seriously did these commenters forget what site their on? I like how these mods get ripped apart but a completely mutilated cock gets “ooooos and aaahhhhs”

  8. At first I saw it and wondered what the hell was even going on on his face, since the star smattering kind of throws it off, and then I had exactly the same thought as Jon P, but once it all sunk in… The design actually looks like the markings of some kind of fancy tropical fish!
    But still, the stars and skimpy facial hair bug the crap out of me. Cohesion, man, it’s your face. D: Sigh, personal tastes.

  9. I like the slightly unbalanced (with the diff ears) look you’re rocking. It strikes me as whimsical.

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