Alright, we’re screwed

Zombies are one thing.  But nowhere in any of my outbreak plans have I taken into account flying zombies.

That flying zombie is JakeMindsnared, doing a guerrilla superman suspension at a zombie walk.

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7 thoughts on “Alright, we’re screwed

  1. Hi guys,
    This is actually my mate DeeKay suspending an 8pt superman at the Brisbane zombie walk 2011. This weekend just gone.
    I facilitated this suspension under the name WayLay Suspension. We are a small crew from Brisbane.
    This is our guerrilla suspension entry for hook life competition!

    Brisbane zombie walk had a world record 8000+ attendance!
    I estimate 300-400 people were watching us as we did this!

    There is a couple of vids on you tube..
    Zombie walk suspension.
    And other ‘Brisbane zombie walk 2011′ vids. The 10min + vids, and we are at the end of a couple videos!!
    True WayLay Guerrilla Suspension!!

  2. There is a video up on YouTube or look for Brisbane zombie walk and right at the end there is a little bit of footage

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