Eye of the Tiger

I’m beginning to think that Wang from Tattoo Temple isn’t actually a tattoo artist, but some form of wizard that can capture the image of a tiger and put it into the skin of a human.  I can’t think of any way other than magic that he’s able to create something this spectacular.

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12 thoughts on “Eye of the Tiger

  1. Sure? There’s a awful lot of shade under those (man?)boobs, and the navel piercing… errrrrr…..

  2. you think that is a chick? if it is, she has the hairiest stomach for a girl i ever seen! i hear you on the belly ring, though…

  3. X – Seriously? The guy has defined abdominal muscles. Man boobs? It looks like muscular pecs to me. Lots of guys have navel piercings. There are no gender rules when it comes to piercings.

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