The Wonderful Adventures of Nils

This is one of those references where you’ll either know it right away or you’ll have no clue at all.  Myself, I had no clue, but the wonders of the internet filled me in.  Earlier this month at the International Brussels Tattoo Convention, Michael Kozlenko from Kipod Tattoo in Tel Aviv created this image for a client.  It’s of Nils, the main character of The Wonderful Adventures of Nils, a Swedish children’s book which was adapted into an anime series back in the 80s.

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5 thoughts on “The Wonderful Adventures of Nils

  1. I love it! *Swede that grew up reading Nils adventours* But the earth is oval? At least its not very round… Looks more like a goose’s egg… Sorry. 🙁

  2. aw it was such a sweet series. i had no idea it was anime.. but then, i’ve later noticed a lot of the stuff i watched as a kid was anime only it wasn’t really “a thing” back then. pretty tattoo. The earth looks a little oval to me too.

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