Raised Heart

Sure this may look like a simple play piercing, but after taking a closer look you can see how the needles have created a heart out of the negative space, to the point that your brain fills in the missing lines.  It almost appears to be raised like scar tissue.

Play piercing by zombieprincess.

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10 thoughts on “Raised Heart

  1. Oooooo it’s me!! Awww i has a proud! :)
    My Kimmy is an amazing woman who does some uber work. This is one of my fav pieces we have done, it’s so pretty n girly n i love that the more you stare at it the more hearts you see. The aftermath was equally as effective. Im hoping to have it re-done for my wedding. :)

  2. Yay tis becky agen….kim is rock the modblog this week and rightly so….its bout time kim got sum recignation for the uber fab work she dose and what she has done in the past…big high five and 10,000 pirate point to her :)

  3. totally racking up the pirate points this week :) thankyou for featuring this, its one of my favourite play piercing pieces i have done (so far!) and this is the 1st ive heard about re-doing it for becky’s wedding, but it would truly be an honour to re-do it :)

  4. This is a wonderfully done piece. I thoroughly enjoying staring at this. Props the you Kim! You are very talented!

  5. This is a wonderfully done piece. I thoroughly enjoying staring at this. Props to you Kim! You are very talented!

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