Death Before Dishonour

I love the story Jackie Rabbit has for this tattoo.  It starts off with a soldier calling up asking for a “Death Before Dishonour” tattoo.  Now he wanted something unique and crazy, and large enough to cover his upper arm.  The catch, he was deploying in 2 days and needed it done the next morning.  Thankfully she had an opening the next day, and this is what came out of her overnight artistry.

At least he didn’t want a sweet tatty of roses with the names & birth and death dates of all of his relatives in arabic, as well as their portraits.  It will make him look cool and hip and intellectual, it has special meaning that will reflect his pain and loss and make him a sensitive bad ass.  Oh, and it has to be on his foot and small so his parents can’t see it.

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2 thoughts on “Death Before Dishonour

  1. He does it every time he comes home ;p Always books a day or two of marathon tattoo work. Last time both me AND Roger took turns working on him all day. The scenario happens more often than you think. We always make an effort to jump through hoops for the service men and women that come to us. Their lives are stressful enough and it feels good to do something that gives them joy. We hold a lot of respect for those who serve our country, whether it be as a soldier, fireman, EMT, or law officer. They spend their days cleaning up the ugly bits in our world and it makes me feel good to be able to give them a little beauty.

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