Tickling the Ivories

Lower back tattoos have a bad rap. It’s a great piece of real estate that unfortunately gets covered all too often with poorly done work.  Thankfully we have artists like Kerri Kiple who are taking the lower back..  back.  No longer will tribal butterflies be the sole resident of this space.  From now on pieces such as this grand piano will take their place, and the world will be a better place for it.

Kerri works at Rendezvous Tattoo in Marquette, MI

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2 thoughts on “Tickling the Ivories

  1. Like this post and really like the tattoo. I affectionately refer to my tattoo as a tramp stamp, but it really peeves me when other people criticize my tattoo based on location, (I consider it too large to qualify but either way…) I like the idea of more awesome art discouraging people from bashing on that location.

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