Fall Fashion

Whenever the seasons change, fashion changes as well.  This fall/winter season is looking promising with this piece by Nichole Ash, Amanda Wolf & Charlie Benton.  As part of a fashion show at Gallery Fine Art & Tattooing, model Tabitha Rittenhaus is wearing a custom top attached by 35 piercings, which you can see in greater detail in the lower photos.

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9 thoughts on “Fall Fashion

  1. I’m not usually a big fan of fashion, but damnit, I’m impressed. I really love the overall effect.

  2. Just a correction: Amanda Salois and the shop is Gallery 31 Fine Art and Tattoing. 🙂
    I’m proud of those three!

  3. Everyone seems to be fascinated with my huge scars. I wish I had more of a bad-ass story to go along with it aside from abdominal surgery and 2 spinal surgeries. If I had it my way…I’d tell everybody I got impaled, and lived to tell the story haha

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