Shedding his skin

NoMan Pan is well known for his many transformations over the years.  His latest incarnation is an extension of his western diamondback rattlesnake metamorphosis.  He is now Eva Medussa, and is here showing off his completed half body suit.  The next stage is to begin the shading and coloration of the scales, as well as the outline for his lower half.

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18 thoughts on “Shedding his skin

  1. Love it! I love rattlesnakes. I have a leg sleeve in process of a eastern timber rattler.

  2. Yeah, I’ve seen this guy before, but he’s face was green. I’m sure he had his tongue splited too.

  3. re:3 – Yeah, one’s a lizard and one’s a snake. Gawsh, they’re completely different looking.

  4. UGH. i wish these guys would actually get “good” tattoos when they did this shit. if he did photorealism scales, now that would be respectable. This is just fucking CHEESEY.

  5. When I first saw this i thought he was wearing fishnet stockings on his hands. lol
    Nice if you’re going for the transvestite hooker look.

  6. Rob,m thank you for yet another opportunity of being part of your BME MODBlog. I appreciate all of the comments including those “cheesy” comments made because I am sure that people who do not know or have not been privy to the ongoing story here are simply speaking their minds.

    Let me make it clear to people who are so quick to make derogatory comments on people’s work, this is a work in progress and also allow me to clarify that the scales seen in this photo are just the beginning like you stated, “The next stage is to begin the shading and coloration of the scales, as well as the outline for his lower half.” The artist who is doing my work is very good at what he does otherwise I would no9t have partnered with him.

    Please know that I am personally not offended by the comments here and for the moat part living the life I do as an extremely modified person gives me an advantage in that I deal with people making stupid remarks to me in person so I have also learned that there is no big difference in an online forum, so then the burden is upon me to try to enlighten those who do not know one so they will know and two it might help those who are hasty in making comments to learn to just relax and be nice to people. Trust me it doesn’t make me a worse person if someone chooses to be post derogatory comments and it doesn’t make the person who does a better person either. I think we have all heard the adage. “If you don’t have anything nice to say it’s best to say nothing at all.”

    Anyway sorry for rambling…cheers from Houston. 🙂

    I am happy to answer any questions that people have and finding me is not too difficult.

  7. OK the sharpie thing is funny. I suppose if you’re not used to heavily modified folks or don’t know who NoMan is you might think that? Maybe?

    And Jon P, don’t know if the sarcasm was aimed at me or the original poster but Erik (The Lizardman) and NoMan DO look completely different. They don’t look alike at all.

    NoMan’s been around the BME world for a long time. He’s also a great guy to talk to though we’ve never met in person yet. It’s nice that on BME someone who is heavily modified is receiving this kind of negative reaction. Clearly the work is nowhere near completed. You don’t do that kind of transformation overnight.

  8. As someone who is increasingly part of body mod culture…I wish to simply say that I have deep respects for anyone who could endure such an ordeal and go back for more. It doesnt matter if someone thinks it looks cheesy. It represents a persons ordeal/transformation towards becoming their true self in whatever way is best for them. I dont understand whats cheesy about that.

  9. Just in case you haven’t heard, the lovely Eva recently announced that she is now living and identifying as a woman, so for the comments (and in the original post if Rob has time to edit it) female pronouns should be used.

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