Strange Birds

From the talented hands of Jackie Rabbit comes this piece called “Strange Birds”.  It’s got a fallen angel vibe to it, especially with the mask looking so much like a plague doctor’s mask.  And you can never go wrong with a plague doctor.

Update:  This piece by Jackie is based off a piece of work by Samantha Mash entitled “Fix Me or Conflict Me”.  You can check out the original here.

Jackie works at Star City Tattoo in Roanoke, VA

23 thoughts on “Strange Birds

  1. I’ve seen the image that this is based on floating around tumblr but I don’t think I’ve ever caught the original artist’s name. Either way, I still love this.

  2. Oh hey! This is my tattoo! :] I’m glad all of you like this. I’m absolutely astonished at how amazing this came out. 1000 times better than I even imagined. Jackie is such a great artist.

  3. I’m pretty sure someone is already dealing with it, since the orginal artist just notified people about this, but I noticed that it wasn’t yet cleared up here..

    If I may intrude; you can find the original artist, Samatha Mash, of this piece here:


    The piece used, ‘Fix Me or Conflict Me’, is found here:

  4. To all the people who are posting that the original work was by Samantha Mash, I’ve updated the post to reflect that. Please note that I never claimed Jackie was the original artist, however she is the tattoo artist that did the piece, so we do give her credit. Whenever a tattoo of a piece of art is posted, I try to include credit to the original artist. However in this case there was no information supplied.

    Also, given Jackie’s track record, I know that if she had known who the original artist was, she would have provided me with the information, as she has done in the past. Please try to keep in mind that individual tattoo artists can’t possibly be aware of the works of every artist in the world and are often presented with images to be tattooed without providing the source. So please, lay off Jackie as there’s no way she could have known who the artist of this piece was.

  5. Thank you, Rob, for clearing that up. Jackie had shown me this piece of art about a month ago, and there was no name or anything on the place she found it. Neither I, Jackie, or Rob ever said that this was an original piece by Jackie. It was simply tattooed by Jackie, on me. It was simply an amazing design she found, and we decided that I wanted it as a tattoo. So please, stop bashing Jackie, my tattoo, and Rob. Nobody is at fault here, considering the original artist was unknown as far as we knew. There wasn’t a name where she found it.

    And to Samantha, you should be honored that I have this tattoo, and enjoy it as much as everyone else who sees it. If it makes you feel any better, when people ask about it, I’ll be sure to mention that you are the original designer, now that I actually know who did it originally.

    To future commenters:

    If you’re just going to just post negative comments without knowing what you’re even commenting about, then just don’t comment at all. Grow up.

  6. Just another quick reiteration:

    There were no wings, there wasn’t any white what so ever, no background, the shading is completely different.

    Since multiple aspects of the original piece were changed/modified, it’s not a “rip off” or “stolen”.

  7. “Since multiple aspects of the original piece were changed/modified, it’s not a “rip off” or “stolen”.”

    Holy effin crap! Did you really just say that?

    It’s blatantly the same piece of art with minimal alterations. If this were a copyright dispute, you’d get the crap sued out of you. And just because someone ELSE took this and didn’t credit the artist, and therefore you didn’t find the artist’s information THERE, that does NOT make it okay for you to try to justify the theft you and your tattooer made in some round-about way.

    Your tattoo IS a “rip-off”. It’s the definition of rip-off. Telling the artist that “you should be honored that I have this tattoo” is so damn offensive it’s almost funny.

  8. First of all I am not honored. I make some of my living designing tattoos for people, so to take my art that someone else might pay for to have tattooed is a blow to me financially.

    Second there IS my name on the original piece, literally on the illustration. So I don’t know how you can say there was not one.

    Knowing it is stuck on you physically though will be what it is. I feel ashamed that you think this is not stolen. Multiple parts are identical. I wouldn’t even be mad if it hadn’t been renamed “Strange Birds”, as if it were something fresh and new–which it is not. I don’t know what else to say other than I am just very sad as a artist to know this has happened.

    -S. Mash

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