The Wrong Side of History

I’ve been hearing this phrase more and more lately when it comes to same-sex marriage and it really does apply.  When you think back to those who were opposed to freeing the slaves, or those who wanted to keep racial segregation, they ended up being on the wrong side of history.  They were fighting against a movement to treat everyone equally, and as time went on more and more people realized that this wasn’t a fight that they could win, nor was it a fight that should be fought.  Hopefully within the next few years the same will apply when it comes to same-sex marriage around the world, much as it already has in Canada and Europe.  So what does this all have to do with ModBlog?  Check out this tattoo by Jackie Rabbit.  The reason should be pretty clear.

4 thoughts on “The Wrong Side of History

  1. This post, along with the “Accessorizing for the Season” post, is exactly what BME is about. The black girl with the forearm corset piercings is probably the most beautiful MAINSTREAM mod-related photo I’ve seen on Modblog in a very long time. And the sentiment expressed in this post and tattoo really sum up for me what made BME such a formative experience in my teen years and early 20s.

    Yes, we all get a kick out of being the oddballs participating in things that “normal” society deems inappropriate, but the real objective, at least what I always thought it was, was acceptance. We all want to live our lives the way we want to live them without persecution and harrassment, looking the way we want to look and behaving how we please as long as we hurt no-one. BME has always been there like the silent sentinel standing immovably while mainstream society ebbs and flows around it. Society will change and BME will hopefully always be there the same as it always has been. It’s the signpost that says, “We are here and we’re not going away”.

    HOPEFULLY, I’ll be the high school english teacher covered in tattoos, the white guy speaking te reo, elucidating on the merits of literature and reading and keeping kids interested. BME will have been THE biggest influence in my decision to keep living my life along my own lines, taking the shit and still succeeding.

    Big ups BME. It’s posts like this that make me return to Modblog with the hope for more.

  2. I think it should be said too that the owner of this tattoo is one beautiful and tough woman. She got this piece while on leave from her service in Iraq. She sat like a stone for almost 4 hours on this piece. She is strong in body mind and spirit and i feel lucky to have met her.

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