5 thoughts on “Voodoo Lady

  1. Thank you for the feature! I really appreciate it. If anyone viewing this is in the North Hollywood area, please visit my shop! It’s called DermagraphInk (10649 Burbank Blvd in NoHo)! We love to host paint sessions on Wednesdays, and we BBQ out back all the time. Would be great to meet some more BME peeps! :D

  2. heather is a very talented, cool and caring person, she did a very awesome tattoo, of a lioness, in loving memory of my mom ginger ohnsted!!!!! HEATHER YOU ROCK \m/….\m/,……

  3. I first saw this piece in Heather’s online portfolio… Def stuck out the most in my mind. For me, it strikes home on z childhood horrors that some are all too familiar with. Regardless, this is an amazing work of art!!! I freakin LOVE her style, especially z fact that it crosses through so many different realms of creativity & knowledge. ^-^

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