Mind over matter

First time suspension photos are always fun to look at.  It’s all about the sheer look of elation on a person’s face when they realize they’ve accomplished something incredible.  For Tom here, I can’t even begin to imagine the range of emotion that he went through during this experience.

For those wondering, it was a 6pt set up, with 4 in the back and 2 in the chest.

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12 thoughts on “Mind over matter

  1. no if only i could convince my mum to try this then ide be able to steal her wheelchair and customize it haha but still this is pretty awesome

  2. That’s an interesting one. Were the hooks placed below his pecs because of the excess amount of skin in the standard chest position? Otherwise it looks like that’d be kinda uncomfortable to him (just by looking at how the hooks are pressing against / deforming his chest)

  3. @tobias: My guess is that they’re just to support his weight and balance him. Missing both his left arm and leg probably posed a challenge to balance the rig, plus there may be other conditions that needed to be accounted for.

  4. I mean this in no way negative, but that sure is one way to use the extra padding!!! Good on him too, think about how he must feel doing that. This post makes me happy.

  5. I think these pics are awesome. Love your smile!

    Generally most of the suspension pictures are of very slim people, had me worrying that anyone on the chubby side couldn’t suspend at all, nearly stopped me even trying. I am glad I asked though, amazing experience. Wish people of all types and figures sent in pictures to show that there is variety and the possibilities are endless =)

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