Sinners in the cold

Never fight a ground war with Russia in the winter, it can get damn cold up there.  Just because it’s cold out doesn’t mean The Sinner Team is slowing down.  Here’s a couple of shots of a modified crucifix suspension as well as a video showing off quite a few of the winter suspensions they’ve been up to.

For those keeping track, that’s 2 gilsons in the chest, and 4 8g hooks in the arms.

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5 thoughts on “Sinners in the cold

  1. Mesmerizing is the first word that comes in my mind when I see this.
    As I hear the lyrics to the song ” Find me, inside every heart beat,
    inside every worry, keep me in your heart” She is hooked up and
    suspended, but that’s not what I see. She is flying without anything
    attached to her.. The camera angle from the top looking down is the best.
    Thank you..

  2. Good job, Sinner Team.

    I wish I knew the name of the girl with the red dreads, because every time I see her, I just end up referring to her as Red Dreaded Suspension Goddess. She always looks so serene when she’s hooked up.

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