It’s getting Kaotic at the BMEShop

The BMEShop just got in a HUGE shipment of Kaos jewelry yesterday.  This is all stuff that’s been on back order for a while, so now’s the perfect time to get what you need.

That includes every variety of leopard print plug:

Yellow Plug/Black Spots, White Plug/Black Spots, Hot Pink Plug/Black Spots, Lime Green Plug/Black Spots, Black Plug/Metallic Bronze Spots, and Black Plug/Metallic Silver Spots

All the silicone eyelets and plugs (including the flesh tones):

Eyelets: Black, Clear, Red, White, True Blue, Ultra Violet, Hot Pink, Olive Drab, Grey, Yellow, Metallic Silver, and Metallic Bronze

Plugs: Black, Red, True Blue, Cobalt, White, Emerald Green, Grape, and Drab Olive

And many more!

Please note that while the shop may still say they’re back ordered, it’s only because the stock numbers are still being updated.

On top of that, because there was a small hiccup last week with the system, the Diablo Organics Sale has been extended until January 12th!  You can save %40 off all Diablo Organics ornate jewelry simply by entering the code 40offdiablo at checkout.

Now in addition to all of that, we’re in the home stretch for the 5000th order shipped out!  Whoever places the 5000th order to be shipped will recieve a $100 gift certificate for the shop!  So get those orders in, and you could end up with an extra $100 in your pocket.

One thought on “It’s getting Kaotic at the BMEShop

  1. Kaos clear skin eyelets (2g/clear) are still showing “out of stock” and preorder on the cart page. I’ll try anyways, but FYI.

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