A Friday Triquetra Trifecta

We started with the horns, then the phoenix scar, and now we have this triquetra implant to complete today’s Brian Decker trifecta.  I’m guessing this photo was taken after it had healed as the skin has formed nicely around the implant.

11 thoughts on “A Friday Triquetra Trifecta

  1. That healed up awesome! Except all I can see when I look at it is a creepy face from the middle indents.

    Kind of like a typical carved face on a pumpkin…

  2. How did Brian make sure that the gaps in the design healed as such effective indentations, rather than one smooth shape with the skin stretched evenly over the top? Did it require some kind of specific compression during healing? I know a guy with ‘octopus sucker’ implants, and in order to get them to heal as rings rather than coin-like, solid circles, he had to strap ping pong balls cut in half and covered in Vaseline to the centre of each implant for months, in order to compress the flesh while it healed!

  3. Sorry for incessant repetition of the word ‘healed’ – it’s late, I’m tirredddd… :D

  4. i’ve never seen one form in the indentations like that. i would have guessed stitching was used, or that there was some kind of process in pressing a shape into it to keep form.

    if it has naturally healed that way then wow.

  5. as Helm pointed out, there is stitching at the top, also if you look around the edges of the design the skin hasn’t settled giving the impression of a kind of indented skin implying it cant be healed. no what seems to have happened here is Decker has found a way of keeping the skin in the middle pressed down to allow for complex shapes to show clearly. what i want to know is how he was done that since im strongly under the impression this is a fresh picture :)

  6. pjb21: glad someone else noticed that.

    I think he has just pushed it down (firmly) creating a suction against the skin underneath of it to take a sweet looking fresh picture.

    Nothing you can really do (except stitching down each pocket, which would be totally stupid) would make it stay like that.

  7. This picture is indeed fresh, and like Helm said, the suction of removing the air from the pocket is holding the form. Direct compression afterward should help retain most of the detail, hopefully, and with time the tissue should settle down considerably in the hand. We’ll have to wait and see……

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