The Star of Scrotum

We don’t see a lot of scrotal branding, so when Naoise-Ryan Israel sent in the photos of his branding, I knew I had to share them.  Samppa did the branding, but as you can see that isn’t the only modification he has.  Check out Naoise-Ryan Israel’s Hard Bonus Gallery to check out the rest of his vast collection of modifications.

Keep on reading to see the whole photo.

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17 thoughts on “The Star of Scrotum

  1. Fucking Hell man! ouch! Not a lot of things make me cringe, but damn!!!!!! It’s very exciting though. hahaha. And totally badass.

  2. oh OUCH! brands can heal in so many different ways , i would love to see a update of this one in the future.

  3. @Andraealynne: I thought about it, but unless you know what you’re looking at, at a quick glance you can’t tell.

    That’s pretty much the standard I apply to putting things under a jump. If someone can tell what it is from a glance then it goes behind, otherwise I just leave it as-is.

  4. On a scale of 1 to trapping your sack in the zipper, that gets its own scale which starts with Zipper, ouchies!

  5. you know, most stuff here I just take in my stride, but THAT, hoooooooly shiiiiiiiit, I winched so hard I think one of my testicles when up inside my body

  6. Yeah, I wasn’t exactly thrilled when this was the first thing that popped up while I was in class. Though it is cool…but looks painful. Ouch!

  7. Glad to see this is post is now after a jump… I opened up modblog earlier today in my school’s computer lab and had to quickly scroll down haha…but sick branding!

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