The Friday Follow-up

For the first time, the Friday Follow-up is actually going to be hidden behind a click through.  If you’ll recall, back in January we saw Naoise-Ryan Israel‘s scrotal branding.  Well, six months down the line, and by popular request, we’ve got a follow-up.

To see the full photo, as well as how it looks today, keep on reading.

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The Star of Scrotum

We don’t see a lot of scrotal branding, so when Naoise-Ryan Israel sent in the photos of his branding, I knew I had to share them.  Samppa did the branding, but as you can see that isn’t the only modification he has.  Check out Naoise-Ryan Israel’s Hard Bonus Gallery to check out the rest of his vast collection of modifications.

Keep on reading to see the whole photo.

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No hooks needed …

If you have the balls for it … you don’t need hooks to suspend ;-)

Lassi suspending @ BMXnet Conference 2010

Lassi became a regular at BMXnet Show Nights (see more pictures from 2010 Conference) – every year he suprises everybody with his total craziness … we all thought that the legendary “PA Rip-Out by Donation Bucket” and his “Guiche Suspension” could not be excelled by anything … well we all have been proven wrong (again) this year … click for more if you have the balls …

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