Sew it up

Here’s a treat from one of the BME Hard Special Galleries.

It’s pretty obvious what it is, so I won’t bore you by making this a guess what.  Just read on to see the whole photo.

Now that’s one way of maintaining a scrotal ladder without having to deal with all that jewelry.  Thanks to Gchun for sending this in.  Be sure to check out the rest of his gallery for even more scrotum fun.  And remember, all BME Hard subscribers are able to have their own bonus gallery, just like Gchun here does.

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The Friday Follow-up

For the first time, the Friday Follow-up is actually going to be hidden behind a click through.  If you’ll recall, back in January we saw Naoise-Ryan Israel‘s scrotal branding.  Well, six months down the line, and by popular request, we’ve got a follow-up.

To see the full photo, as well as how it looks today, keep on reading.

And here’s how it looks today, along with a better look at some of his piercings.

Given how difficult it is to predict how things will scar there, I’d say that’s turned out really well.

The Star of Scrotum

We don’t see a lot of scrotal branding, so when Naoise-Ryan Israel sent in the photos of his branding, I knew I had to share them.  Samppa did the branding, but as you can see that isn’t the only modification he has.  Check out Naoise-Ryan Israel’s Hard Bonus Gallery to check out the rest of his vast collection of modifications.

Keep on reading to see the whole photo.

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