Diablo Organics Sale Extended and Expanded!

Based off the popularity of the Diablo Organics sale that we ran in December, the BMEShop is extending the sale until February 12th 2012!  That means all Diablo Organics ornate jewelry* is 40% OFF

In addition to the mother of pearl, buffalo horn, and bloodwood jewelry, we’ve added even more products to the sale.

Included in the sale now are the Diablo Organics Feathered Jewelry:

As well as the Diablo Organics Brass Jewelry:

Simply use the coupon code: 40offdiablo when you check out and the discount will be automatically applied.

*Sale does not apply to Diablo Organics plugs or tunnels.

5 thoughts on “Diablo Organics Sale Extended and Expanded!

  1. surprised that there is nothing at all about how these feathers are harvested. I know a lot of people who only buy “ethical” feathers

  2. that octopus charm is cheap crap and Regretsy rails on crafters that buy it and then resell it for a markup. Diablo organics, aren’t you better than that?

  3. lol forget if the feathers aren’t just ripped off dead birds exposed to cruel unsanitary conditions what about the cultural appropriation of every white hipster who thinks shes found her totem spirit animal on her vision quest to find her bong?

    regretsy yes, steampunk, i do not think it means what you think it means

  4. Here’s hoping the ‘hand crafted buffalo’ is worth the price of these earrings, because most of the feathers are common. The feathers in the pictured pair (labeled “furnace”) are chicken feathers, not peacock. Second pair, the honey badger, are also chicken feathers…peacock eyes are quite inexpensive as well as the birds molt.

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