Guess What?

Alright.. today is going to be a really tough one.  You know how it works, I post the cropped image and you guess what part of the body it’s from.

Oh who am kidding?  You guys will figure this one out really easily. Keep on reading to see the whole photo.

This ladies and gentlemen is one of the many new photos that Erebli has sent in recently.  For those unfamiliar with Erebli, he is one of BME’s oldest contributors and has taken his art to incredible levels.  Take a look through his BME Gallery, or his website to see what I mean.  If you have any questions about this, feel free to ask, as Erebli will probably be checking the comments and answering any questions that come up.

Keep in mind that Erebli has been doing this for many years and knows all of the risks involved with creating his art.  Don’t try to emulate any of his activities without proper research and consultations with medical professionals.

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35 thoughts on “Guess What?

  1. I love how you call it art. Definitely pushing at the limits of the definition of the word.

  2. Neither could I, he usually tells you what it is lol. So, I checked out Erebli’s website.. you will
    see what it is then… I couldn’t scroll down to check out all of what was on there..
    lol and was wondering .. Is that painful ??

  3. Jon P, Art is defined as ” the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination”, I strive to do this. I love to go back and view my pictures and videos and I hope that others will see the art that I put into them.

  4. I could not tell what it was AT ALL hahaha…i went on his web site to check out more; it certainly LOOKS painful. I dont have penis though so i cant even imagine what it might feel like.

  5. Pope: Look! I’m the bloody pope, I am! May not know much about art, but I know what I like!
    (Monty Python: Michelangelo and the Pope)

    i’m not the pope, but i like that kind of art.

  6. deerheart…Thank you!

    MissCherry…To me, it does hurt some, but to see what can be done, and still return to normal, with pictures and videos for the future, is a thrill. Also, the feel while doing it, is like pre-orgasm build up. ( I never get to orgasm from it.)

  7. Erebli, more power to you pushing the boundaries of artistic expression.

    That being said, I definitely just threw up everything I ever ate all at once.

  8. Erebli: Hence why I said pushing at the limits of the definition of the word. I didn’t say it’s not art, I just find it amusing what people attribute the label to. I don’t define what is and isn’t art. I’m a product of a liberal education system and thus postmodernism dictates that I can’t have an opinion on anything.

    The fact you say it’s like a pre-orgasm build up leads me to think you may have this all tied up in some psychosexual mish-mash (pun intended), Good for you.

  9. Erebli: I dont think your penis has gone 100% “back to normal” has it? I mean has it really? Dont you think their must be a build up of scar tissue at least?

  10. @MissCherry: Check out his galleries and website. It really has bounced back to normal after all the squishing, stretching, inflating, nailing, and even BBQing.

  11. Thanks to Rob, Jon P.

    Miss Cherry:

    I have had at least 4 medical doctors check my genitals, and except for a few scars that are not that visible, everything is still in working order. This is not something that I take lightly. Like Rob says, I have done this for over 20 years and it isn’t something that should be emulated without research and medical consultation.

  12. Wow, I’m so glad you posted his website. I’ve always seen pictures of things like this and wondered what it looked like in the process of it. Though this is something I could never imagine enjoying myself if I were a guy and I dont find it attractive what so ever, I still very much find it to be interesting. I think its so fascinating what you’ve put yourself through, and to have it return to normal, thats amazing! I think all forms of body modification are an art, and I’m glad you found something so strange to other people that makes you happy. Good for you!

    I gotta admit tho, seeing it in between the glass looks pretty cool. :P

  13. Posted 2 photos on my website, taken this morning that show my ‘normal’ genitals. I know–it is hard to believe that after all I have put them through that there wouldn’t be something wrong with them, but there isn’t.

    HELL–I think that they are better than before.

  14. Erebli – You do some lovely, lovely work and it’s great to see someone so unafraid to play with what their body can do, outside of the prescribed mold of what we’re told it can do. Keep up the good work!

    Atop that, your website, with your constant positive, reassuring and above all happy commentary goes a damn long way to deflating the idiots who think that CnBT is done out of hate. I can’t think of a better celebration of the engineering genius, resilience and versatility of the body.

    You are an absolute inspiration, and may you continue your art for as long as it makes you so happy!

  15. Hey Erebli, I fail to understand how your genitals could have possible bounced back to normal. I have always believed squashing your testicles completely flat would break them open?

    Also, for the pain; do you think it is extremely painful but you have the joy of feeling pain – thus turning it into pleasure or it just simply doesn’t hurt that much at all?

  16. JTallis: I believe that my tying the testicles into many small sections for many years, has made them more pliable? I don’t think that I could squash them any more than what I did?

    For me, it doesn’t hurt all that much until I get down to about 3/8ths. of an inch in thickness.

    I think that you are right about the possibility of breaking them open. No one should try this.

  17. Lisa: It depends on what is done. Tying such as shown here, return to normal in maybe 4 hours, but genitals will work almost immediately. There is some scabbing from the fish line I use, and that can take a week or so to heal.

    Nail holes in testicles can take a month or so, and burns take forever.

    Saline inflation of scrotum and penis, for me, returns to normal size about 1 day per liter that I put in.

  18. The way you push boundaries is truly inspiring! It makes me happy that you have such a wonderful sense of humor about what you do, as well. The captions on your photos brought me smiles.

  19. Terror:
    Thank you. I continue because of comments like yours. You don’t know how good it makes me feel to read this.

    I wish that there were more like you who wouldn’t be afraid to write what they really think in their comments.

  20. Erebli, I was not going to bother posting, but seeing as it means something to you, I will. I think it is fantastic and fascinating that you can push the limits of your body, for whatever reason you please. I wish you the best in your endeavors. :)

  21. Thank you!!

    Just to let everyone know–I have taken my blog down. I did it for many reasons. I believe that this is a final decision, but I have been known to change my mind.

    Erebli has retired!!

    I thank all of you for the many favorable comments. It means a lot to me.

  22. Guess What??

    I have changed my mind yet again. My Blog, Website, or whatever, is back and maybe to stay this time. Big surprise, I know!! Ah Hell, it is too good to not be open to those who love such things. ( I do!!!) After not much thought, I decided that I will probably never retire. Go to–
    before I change my mind again. I will update pictures and videos regularly.

  23. I don’t understand the mentality behind this at all, I’m trying though haha

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