Hooked on Dotwork

For a split second I was going to credit this tattoo to Joeltron, when I realized that Joel uploaded this because it’s on his own back.  I’m guessing that the artist is Naithsolution, given the watermark in the corner, and it was done at First Blood in Australia.  As for the subject matter, anyone who has suspended will easily identify this as a rigging plate and carabiner.

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6 thoughts on “Hooked on Dotwork

  1. Dotwork doesn’t always have to be sacred geometry, mandalas and repeating pattern, you know that traditional is not limited to little blue swallows, pinup and USA eagles. it’s a versatile method too!

  2. You are correct Matt, it is by Naith from Absolution NZ while guest spotting at my studio in Sydney.

    It is a work in progress (forgot how much tattoos hurt!). We are going to do much more dot work and scribbletasticness during his next visit to hide my mass array of suspension scars (aka backnee).

    Meow: The dot work in this piece is just a different form of shading that will hold up better on my scar tissue and allow me to continue to suspend without worrying about ruining the design. It’ll all make more sense once it is completed.

  3. @sao paulo

    That’s actually not what I meant. It’s not the subject that seems off with the dot work to me. But it’s incomplete, and it’s not my body, so I don’t really want to elaborate.

  4. @Meow.

    You are correct. It is far from complete, I wasn’t expecting it to go up on modblog. I will have to put up more pics once I get the rest done. ;)

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