I used to think you were crazy

But now I can clearly see your nuts.

Keep on reading to see the real nuts that Scrat is after.

Tattoo by Scott Srock from Wiseguys in Bradford, PA. The full sized image as well as more photos of the nuts can be found in Burmman’s BME Bonus Gallery.

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6 thoughts on “I used to think you were crazy

  1. haha fuck i had the completly same idea like 2 years ago…but never got it done…so now that somebody got it done already i need to get a new idea…

  2. I have always been one for the crazy ideas and after getting “Your Name” on my pecker I thought I need something new. A friend and I talked about it and he said that I needed Scrat. So I contacted Scott and told him my idea and he loved it. So here it is.

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