ModBlog News of the Week: February 17th, 2012

Wow.  Long time no see.  My apologies about the lack of news posts so far this year, but as of today they’re back and are sticking around.

Well, since it’s been so long there may be a couple of stories that are a few weeks old, so I’ll be covering them as well as catching up on this past week in modification news the world over.

To get things started I’d like you to meet Lisa Khoury.  Lisa is an assistant news editor for the University of Buffalo’s newspaper, The Spectrum.

Earlier this month Lisa caused a bit of a fuss with her article entitled “Why put a bumper sticker on a Ferrari?”  Here’s a couple of choice samples from her piece.

I get it. It’s the 21st century. You’re cool, you’re rebellious, you’re cutting edge, you have a point to prove, and you’re a woman. Awesome.  Ladies, I know you’re at least at the legal age of making your own decisions, but before you decide to get a tattoo, allow me to let you in on a little secret. A secret you may have not fully realized yet thus far in your life. What you must understand is, as women, we are – naturally – beautiful creatures.  Seriously, though. Your body literally has the ability to turn heads. Guys drool over us. We hold some serious power in our hands, because – as corny as this sounds – we hold the world’s beauty.

But something girls seem to forget nowadays, or maybe have not been taught, is that women hold the world’s class and elegance in their hands, as well. So what’s more attractive than a girl with a nice body? I’ll tell you what: a girl with class. Looks may not last, but class does. And so do tattoos.  An elegant woman does not vandalize the temple she has been blessed with as her body. She appreciates it. She flaunts it. She’s not happy with it? She goes to the gym. She dresses it up in lavish, fun, trendy clothes, enjoying trips to the mall with her girlfriends. She accentuates her legs with high heels. She gets her nails done. She enjoys the finer things in life, all with the body she was blessed with.  But marking it up with ink? That’s just not necessary.

But at the end of the day, are you really a happier person? Has this tattoo, for instance, caused you to learn something new about yourself? Has it challenged you? Has it led you to self-growth? Nothing comes out of getting a tattoo. You get a tattoo, and that’s it. You do something productive, though, and you see results. That’s a genuine, satisfying change in life. Not ink.  Invest your time, money, and effort into a gym membership, or yoga classes, or new clothes, or experimenting with different hairstyles if you’re craving something new with your body, not a tattoo.  I promise, it will be a much more rewarding experience, and you won’t find yourself in a rut when your future grandkids ask you what’s up with the angel wings on your upper back as you’re in the middle of giving them a life lesson on the importance of values and morals.

God knows the last thing this world needs is another generation of kids questioning their basic values and morals.

Oh Lisa.  Poor innocent Lisa.  It seems that Lisa didn’t realize that not only do modified people read the paper, but they’re also capable of sharing it with their friends online.  Needless to say the article went viral shortly after it was published.  Now, to be fair this is an opinion piece, however instead of just giving her opinions based off any kinds of facts, she played the moral highroad and claimed that women who get tattoos are, essentially, immoral trash.  The feedback she received online was staggering and forced her to write this “apology“.

I’m a 19-year-old college sophomore, I help run my family’s restaurant, I’m a writer and editor at my school’s newspaper, and a woman from Australia says I’m “sexist.” A professor from the University of Illinois wonders about my mental stability. A man double my age is calling me “ugly.” In the past 48 hours, authors, war veterans, mothers of small children have told me I’m ignorant, worthless, brainwashed, classless, disgusting, hypocritical, and judgmental.  A man from New Zealand called me bigoted, self-righteous, conservative rubbish.

Alright, so the reaction was pretty harsh, however stating your her means she’s implying that because she’s young she shouldn’t be criticized for her opinion.  But I digress, let’s see how she handled the rest of the apology. (Emphasis mine)

I wrote an opinion piece about tattoos for Monday’s Spectrum. As a female, I took the woman’s stance and said I’m beautiful without a tattoo.

I never meant to be vindictive toward an entire subculture. That’s why its response was so unexpected to me. Its words were different; it wanted to eviscerate me.  I am sorry to anyone who took my words as a personal attack. I am sorry to anyone who felt disrespected in any way. This column was meant to express my opinion and explain how I live, not to tell you that my way of life is in any way superior to yours.  I was misinterpreted. These strangers have slowly and in the most painful way possible ripped me to shreds within the past 48 hours.  Their hate will be tattooed in me for a long time, but only as a learning lesson.

Many points, especially about feminism, were taken out of context and turned into something demeaning. My point about my body having “the ability to turn heads” stemmed from the fact that I wasn’t the healthiest teenager, so when I learned more about health and fitness after high school, I found meaning in that. Not because I was becoming skinnier (for the record, I in no way find myself slim), but I found that I was setting goals for myself, and, for once, achieving them. I felt happier because I felt healthier. Each day I felt like I would live a longer life, and my future kids wouldn’t have to worry about their mom dying from smoking cigarettes or not exercising regularly, the way I worry about my parents.  The whole clothes thing? Well, when I lost weight, yeah, I was actually interested in dressing myself for once. Do I wear tight fitted clothes every day to school for the aesthetic, sexual pleasure of the men around me? Eww. I wore the same jeans for about 17 years and recently discovered there are other styles out there for me to try out, I guess what I was getting at was perceived as something much more shallow to my readers.

But no one was conversing about my points. Instead, they were taking certain lines out of context, and it was no longer a conversation, but an appalling backlash.

Dear Lisa.  This half-hearted apology only tells us one thing.  It tells us that you really don’t feel bad about what you said, and that the people who were understandably offended should apologize to you for being so mean.  You say you were misinterpreted, and that you never meant to be vindictive, yet you state in your apology that you “took the woman’s stance”.  So your opinion should be taken as you speaking up for all women?  Or does it mean that all men have the opposite stance and believe women are only beautiful with a tattoo?  You then go on the explain why you feel you’re beautiful without a tattoo, without actually giving any reasons that having a tattoo would make you feel otherwise.  But if we go back to the original article, at no time do you mention that your opinions are just about yourself.  In fact, you state multiple times that elegant women, women with class, etc. all have no need of a tattoo to make themselves feel beautiful.  No mention of your own experiences at all.  I hate to break it to you but you ARE being vindictive to a subculture, and there was no misinterpretation of your words.

I want to bring something up that ModBlog readers will know, and Lisa probably doesn’t.  Tattoos aren’t always about aesthetic value or beauty.  There are many different reasons for women and men to get tattooed.  Lisa’s belief that tattoos are only for beauty reveal her willful ignorance, as well as her inability to see why she offended as many people as she did.  To her a classy woman is one who works out, gets her hair and nails done, wears outfits that may be slightly uncomfortable, and put on make-up.  I hate to be the bearer of bad news to Lisa, but all of those “classy” things are actually forms of body modification.  Dying your hair, altering your appearance, changing your body through working out, wearing high heels, etc. all change how you look from your “normal” appearance.  They’re the ones hiding who they are by putting their bodies through sometimes torturous rituals just to make themselves more appealing to others.  At the end of the day, with all your make-up gone, heels off, and clothing on the floor, you’re only as beautiful as you see yourself.  That beauty comes from confidence, and the feeling that when you look in the mirror you’re seeing the person who you want to see.  Just because you see yourself without any tattoos doesn’t mean you’re better than those who do.  We modify our bodies not because it’s cool or trendy, we modify ourselves to show the world, and that person in the mirror, that we can be exactly the way we want to be.  The bottom line is that we respect ourselves and others not by how they look, but by how they act, and people like Lisa Khoury should do the same.

Alright, so with that mess behind us, we’ve got lots more news to catch up on.  So keep on reading.

To lighten the mood a little, here’s a commercial that IAM:Bubble_Toes sent me.  They also added a translation for us non-francophone types.

Mom sees the tattoo at the bottom of her daughter’s back, and says : “What is this tattoo?! it’s bullsh*t!” Mom raises her top, shows off her tattoo to her daughter and says “Now HERE’s a work of artist”.
Ad motto : “times change. So does twingo”

Now that’s an ad I can approve.

Moving on to the “stupid crime” section of the news we’ve got a couple of people who really don’t understand the impact of tattooing another person is.  First up is Chuntera Napier who thought it would be a good idea to let her son get a tattoo.

Chuntera Napier said her son, Gaquan Napier, wanted to honor his older brother who died after being hit by a car, and she had no idea it was illegal for him to get a tattoo.“  It made me feel good to know that he wanted his brother on him,” Napier said.

Napier said. “It’s not like he was asking me, ‘Can I get Sponge Bob? Like people getting all kinds of things on them. He asked me something that’s in remembrance of his brother. How can I say no?”  When asked why he wanted to get the tattoo, Gaquan said, “Because it represents my brother.”  Napier took her son to a tattoo artist in Smyrna where he got a tattoo featuring his brother’s old jersey number.  Someone at Gaquan’s school noticed the tattoo and contacted authorities.

I see where the problem is, she didn’t know how to say “no”.  So moms out there, when your 10 year old child comes to you and asks for a tattoo, it’s OK to say “no”.  This concludes today’s public service announcement.

Now, allowing your son to get a tattoo is pretty bad and can easily lead to your arrest.  An even easier way to get arrested?  Become a drug dealer that will only sell to people that have your name tattooed on them.

Mario Sergio Freudenthal from Itapetinga, Brazil, has been arrested after police found his name inked on a number of clients’ bodies, which is thought to include more than 70 people.  As a result of the officials finding his surname on robbery suspects and deceased people, police tracked him down.  The task was made easier because he was the only man in Itapetinga with that surname.

He probably could have gotten away with it if he’d only have changed his name to “Smith”.

Now, while it isn’t a crime to modify your body (at least in most places), it’s not a good idea to allow someone claiming to be a doctor to inject tire sealant into your ass.

The number of victims of a fake Miami doctor who allegedly pumped dangerous chemicals into their bodies and sealed their wounds with Super Glue has jumped to as many as 30, reports say.  Oneal Ron Morris, 31, who is transgendered and known as “The Duchess,” preyed largely on other transgendered women who hoped to enhance their curves and gain more feminine features, authorities said. But after Morris allegedly injected them with harmful chemicals, including Fix-a-Flat tire sealant, many ended up in the emergency room.

Police suspect the duo may be part of a network of scam doctors who have been offering black market surgical enhancements at home “pumping parties” for years.  Morris’ case first came to national attention when an unidentified patient was rushed to the hospital after a mixture of tire sealant, cement, glue and mineral oil was injected into her buttocks, authorities said. Another Florida transgendered woman, Rajee Narinesingh, was traumatized after The Duchess’s alleged injections to her face left her disfigured. Nearly a year after receiving the shots, Narinesingh’s face began to swell and develop large lumps that burst. A doctor had to fix the botched job by literally pulling cement out of her face, reports said.

Cement.  She injected cement into their bodies.  Being a transgendered individual is tough enough, but to have someone target the transgendered community with this type of scam is unforgivable.

Speaking of cosmetic surgery, actors in China are now being forced to undergo screenings for tattoos and facelifts in order to gain admittance to the Beijing Film Academy.

The country’s future movie stars hoping to enter the renowned Beijing Film Academy will be disqualified if they have had a facelift or tattoo, Beijing News reports.  “We will conduct a physical exam to eliminate candidates with tattoos or facelifts,” said Vice-President Wang Jinsong.  Candidates wearing heavy make-up will also be required to wash it off for the interview.  Some 6,185 candidates have applied for the 85 places at the performing school of the college from, the report said.

In legal news Bettendorf County in Iowa is looking to place a ban on tattoos and piercings in public places.

The Bettendorf Park Board is considering a policy that would address the tattoos, piercings and attire that a guest is allowed to display at their city facilities.  Last summer at Splash Landing water park, a patron complained about another patron’s tattoo – stating it was inappropriate.  The staff member asked the guest to cover their tattoo but the guest decided to leave instead.  Bettendorf Parks and Recreation Director, Steve Grimes says he understands every situation may not end like this.  The new policy would help the staff members know how to handle the situation in the future.  Grimes says the policy would address issues of “decency” of tattoos that are allowed to be displayed.

With the 9th circuit court ruling last year, I can’t see this policy ever seeing the light of day.  It’s probably just some posturing to appease local voters in an election year.

In much sillier news a British man has found a way to always make sure he has his passport on him.  By putting his passport on him.

Richard, 27, who had the tat of his old passport done while backpacking in Australia in March 2006, said: “I wanted something to remember my holiday by, but also wanted something patriotic. “My girlfriend at the time thought I was a bit daft, but eventually she found it hilarious. That seems to be the general reaction.”  Richard, a personal trainer from Wandsworth, South West London, ran out of cash on his Oz trip. So he whipped his top off in a bank branch and used the tattoo as ID.  He said: “The cashier gave me a strange look. She typed in my name and details after reading my tattoo and allowed me $50.”  But in London, Richard — who was born in Sydney and has dual British—Oz nationality — keeps his tattoo covered up. He said: “I don’t walk around with my top off.”

Passport officials said he couldn’t use his tattoo to go abroad or enter the UK.

We’re just about done, but before I go I wanted to leave you with some reading for the weekend.  This week I’ve got three articles that are worth sitting down to peruse.

Publisher’s Weekly has put together a collection of literary tattoos, focusing on which books have inspired the most tattoos.

The Queen’s Chronicle has an interview with Dr. Norman Goldstein about his medical studies into tattoos and tattoo inks.

And finally, Energy Publisher has a great write-up on a Vatican conference that was entitled “Into the Skin: Identity, Symbols, and History of Permanent Body Marks”.  Essentially religious scholars got together at the Vatican to discuss the church’s views on tattooing.

So that’s it for this week.  We’ll be back again next week with more news from around the world.  Remember, if you see an article that you think should be included in the round-up, just send me an e-mail with the link.

Have a great weekend everyone.

38 thoughts on “ModBlog News of the Week: February 17th, 2012

  1. The first picture kind of looks like somebody wearing a pair of novelty fake glasses and nose. Just saying.

  2. i would be really mad if some minimum wage water park worker told me to cover up my beautiful, tattooed, pierced ,scarred body – because someone didn’t like it . its a water park . if people don’t want to see skin , don’t go to a water park . by the same logic , can i complain about someones stretchmarks, freckles , or weight and have them cover up or leave ? that’s so stupid .

  3. I think most people have enough brains to realise that not everything is suitable in every situation. I have tattoos of monsters being killed on my upper right arm. I generally do not wear a singlet when I pick up my son from daycare. That is a decision about the suitability of the content of my tattoos in a specific situation. In a public space, such as a waterpark, I wouldn’t have a problem wearing a singlet. I wouldn’t even have a problem showing my Satanic-themed torso tattoos in a public space like a waterpark. But equally, I must accept the fact that these tattoos may be provocative and may cause a negative reaction based upon their content. It is my choice to have had those specific tattoos done and I did it knowing that I may have to put up with some flak over them. That’s the price I pay for having these specific tattoos.

  4. “But at the end of the day, are you really a happier person? Has this tattoo, for instance, caused you to learn something new about yourself? Has it challenged you? Has it led you to self-growth?” Well yes actually. :)

  5. I was going to say something about that charming article at the top, but Rob pretty much said it all… I guess I’ll just say that as a female with body mods (relatively few, but still), I agree with the Australian woman cited in the article. Everything she wrote was so appallingly sexist.

    I think my favourite thing here is something that the man with his passport tattooed on his back said. I have work on my torso, and whenever people freak out and ask what I’ll do when I’m old and grey, I say the same thing: “Um, perhaps a shirt when I venture downtown?”

  6. This point, from the first article –

    “But at the end of the day, are you really a happier person? Has this tattoo, for instance, caused you to learn something new about yourself? Has it challenged you? Has it led you to self-growth?”

    Well, actually, yes. If you are so shortsighted as to assume that everyone can be made happy with “high heels, pretty clothes and a gym membership”, then I think you really need to take a long, hard look at yourself as a person.
    My ink has helped me become who I am; and to be incredibly proud of that person. I love my ink. I love having ink.
    It has made me think about my longterm life choices, of which tattoos are one — like how I was glad I never got kanji/tribal/tramp stamps.
    It made me realise that I can process pain pretty reasonably; and if I can process physical pain, then I can certainly process emotional/mental pain.
    It HAS challenged me — it made me realise that there is no way I could ever be happy living to someone else’s standards (of anything, including beauty), and pushed me to go outside of the boundary of what general society regulates as “normal”, because that’s not something I ever felt like I was, or should have to pretend I was. It challenged me in the sense that I started out small with my tattoos; I only wanted “something coverable, with no ink on places that would stretch/shift with time”. Out of that first decision, I’ve (so far) ended up with a sleeve, hands, feet, collarbone, a big rib piece, large calf pieces and a few more small ones scattered about for good measure.
    I understand some people do feel that they have to live to society’s pressures of “normality”, but I don’t. I don’t feel that anyone should pity me, or think lesser of me, because I choose to express who I am and who I like to be in a manner different than their own. The same way that I don’t pity someone for wearing a twinset and pearls, or a particular haircut. I don’t want your pity; I’m doing just fine, thanks.

  7. My fiancee is utmost class, reads jane austen, wears skirts to the office, she has 2 bachlor’s [I barely finished high school so she doesn't flaunt it, just she finished university with honours] if she drinks, she doesn’t get drunk, she speaks flirty french, she donates money to the humane society and whatever other charities, she doesn’t swear infront of her parents or co-workers, I had a surgery at the end of November, she had already finished her personal days/holidays for 2011 so she took some from 2012 just to be able to take care of me, even now she rubs oinment on my scars sometimes 2 or 3 times a day… she DOES have literally 50 shades of nail polish, one for every outfit, every occasion, we keep them in the fridge like a mini bar… she does go to the gym, has gone to yoga classes, does change her look and she has G-cup boobs, long blonde hair, and can turn vapidness on and off depending which company we’re around, intelligence is a turn on for me, but can intimidate some men… she has charm, grace, dignity and she’s got a 12 hour back piece we’re finishing today, I would probably get very classless on anyone who called the woman I’m marrying anything other than what she deserves. She is the bravest most wonderful girl I know, she has accepted dating a trans man is not going to win her any points with society, I get called crippled tranny retard freak, so yeah, the fact such a classy girl wants to stay with me because she thinks I’m sweet and interesting and I accept her… would make her classy regardless of tattoos, she takes the high road, she sticks to things when they get hard, and she sees past physical flaws, she can look past my gender identity, depression, learning disabilities, physical disabilities weight issues and numerous other short comings– I bet the women in the article aren’t half the gem that my girl is… truthfully, I am the last person to slut shame but this article sounds more like ‘btw fyi let’s be cockteases’ It shames body types, it shames self expression and truthfully–if it had said, go buy a book, go max your credit card out at borders or chapters…. I would take it more seriously, just go wild, go spend a week’s pay on books, you deserve it, looks might fade but knowledge is forever… you can turn a man on with an increased vocabulary, and if being a respectable woman isn’t what you crave, use those new words in the bedroom with a whole new plethora of strangers because reading is sexy.

  8. Yay! News of the Week is back :) I get a kick out of the girl and her opinion article. How small and meaningless her life must feel. Shoes and shopping are supposed to make you a real woman? It’s obvious it is written by a child who has little idea of the world around her. I could get “enraged” by her demeaning comments, but it’s so pathetic it just makes me chuckle

  9. RainbowDash – your lady sounds top shelf. Congrats.

    I can’t believe no one has anything to say about the “fake Doctor”…I remember reading about this beast a few months ago. Personally, I find her actions much more heinous than Lisa’s inconsequential little college paper piece.

  10. “These strangers have slowly and in the most painful way possible ripped me to shreds within the past 48 hours.”

    Being mocked online is not the worst thing that can happen to a person, and if anything she’s said proves her naivete, it’s this little gem.

  11. The tattoo I’ve chosen for my first(once I hit legal age), I chose becuase its classy, elegant, simple, and quite frankly a lovely piece of fine art. And the placement I want will be discret, and I can show it off when I want to. Now tell me, how is that unladylike? I consider myself a young lady. Bodymods, for the most part, are an anicent form of self expression meant to enhance beauty. Does Lisa not know about Elizabethan and Victorian women piecering their nipples?

  12. Rainbowdash- you’re a really lucky man. She sounds absoultely amazing and you clearly adore her. I aspire to be like her one day. :) Thank you for proving that tattoos are classy on classy people.

  13. She’s 19 and wore the same jeans for 17 years. This girl has more issues than ignorance. She was either born adult size or hasn’t grown at all.

  14. very interesting comments! i read about the fake DR a few months ago . someone would have to be pretty dang stupid to let a stranger with no credentials inject unknown stuff into flesh . if these people knew what was getting injected into them , and still consented – that’s plain stupid . i refused to get a flu shot because the dr couldn’t/wouldn’t give me a list of ingredients .

    but on the the hand . wow! these are some round hips , and very symmetrical. where do you even find clothing that can fit those round hips and tiny waist ? i have always been a fan of thick thighs ,and hips .

  15. “Has this tattoo, for instance, caused you to learn something new about yourself? Has it challenged you? Has it led you to self-growth?”

    YES!!! Every tat I have is incredibly meaningful to me and they make me happy every time I look at them. Getting them was a challenge because they’re in painful places, and have led to much self-discovery & growth. I didn’t realize how much I loved oceanography until I got my Nautilus tattoo, and next weekend I’m getting an octopus right next to it. My entire left arm is gonna be a sea life/nature sleeve, something I NEVER saw myself doing. I always knew I’d end up full of ink, but I never knew it’d be anything to do with cephalopods until I got that first ceph tat! That girl is a shallow little tart if she thinks the only things “real” women enjoy are manicures & shopping. What an idiot. And I love how she publishes something incredibly offensive & marginalizing, and then complains about the “appalling backlash”. Cry me a river, princess, you have a LOT to learn about real life.

    As for the “appropriateness” of tattoos- I can see why people would complain about tattoos featuring gory scenes which could frighten kids or graphic nudity, but ALL tats? No. Look the other way if you don’t like my sea creatures, damnit.

    Butt-doctor- Sorry but if you’re dumb enough to let some random person inject stuff into your body, you deserve whatever happens to you! Natural selection at its finest, IMO.

    Tattoo kid- I honestly don’t see a problem with this. It’s a memorial to his brother, not a gang sign or anything he’ll regret later on. I think the bigger crime is his mother naming him “Gaquan”. Did she mash her keyboard with her palm & use the results as a name? Cripes.

  16. She is 19. I think that we can, as a community, manage to express ourselves without having to resort to insulting this young woman. For those that did, well done, and for those that posted insults to her, bad show.

  17. @Inka,

    What does her being 19 have to do with anything? Is that supposed to make her immune from the consequences of her actions? She made very poor choices and has to face those consequences like an adult. Because that’s what you are when you’re 19, an adult. If this were a perfect world where everyone was nice to each other all the time, we wouldn’t be here discussing the article in the first place – it wouldn’t exist. Simply put, people don’t like being insulted and don’t always handle it “politely”. That’s something you learn by the time you’re 12. She’s not exempt from the cruelty of the real world just because she has failed to learn how to conduct herself like a respectable person in 19 years.

  18. i saw this buzz like a week ago and i got bored reading it. i got bored reading this modblog post. i grew up w hella tattooed uncles and now i’m almost thirty and hella tattooed. the thing i read that stuck w me (not even going back and reading it now cuz i dont care) was that young women (and young men) do get tattoos because they feel it will make them more attractive interesting etc. And so fuck anything she said after that, rude or insensitive or stupid as fuck, i dont care.. I AM HEAVILY TATTOOED AND I THINK ITS A BUMMER WHEN PEOPLE GET TATTOOS FOR THE WRONG REASON AND DONT FEEL GOOD ABOUT THEM. BME has long talked about the difference between self mutilation and body modification, Tattoos do leave some people w regrets and thats something. i dont really care about somebody’s stupid opinion or thoughts on the matter really. i just hate to see the kids get dumb tattoos on their perfect bodies.

  19. dude also ‘butt doctor’ is crazy old news.

    and this is ridiculous:

    ‘Being a transgendered individual is tough enough, but to have someone target the transgendered community with this type of scam is unforgivable.’

    Nowhere did the article say that the transgendered ‘doctor’ actually or actively ‘target the transgendered community’… don’t be extra sensational.

    thats like saying that scratchers intentionally target dudes that think garages and living rooms are rad places to get tattooed. its all who u hang with.

    (sidenote: i do think garages and living rooms are rad places to get tattooed)

    gah! thats what i get for reading the rest of this entry!

  20. Rob, dude why do you get to write for modblog ? the shit you say is ridiculous. i’m covered in tattoo, you do not speak for me or for anybody. you sound stupid, and you always take easy trite points of view on things. talk shit about this stupid girl, fine. but i’ve never heard anybody talk shit that didn’t sound stupid too. don’t just jump into this shit after its old news and talk easy shit. booooring.

  21. @dangerbitch, thank you, I am glad to be with her. *Also she’s apparently just an E-F cup not a G cup but was otherwise happy to know that that’s how I describe her to strangers, I read it to her after her 3 hours of work on her back yesterday, still another sitting, we thought we were done

    @alexis, thank you. I just think the actions of how you treat people is more than the action of what you do to your body, and my girl is under the doctrine of believes that if you can’t do good, do no evil… it’s all perception anyway, but she is classy.

  22. We have an article of similar content circulating in Singapore, except that it is not written by a nobody wanna-be journalist but by Lee Kuan Yew. Because of who he is, people here believe it is the gospel truth and use it as a reason to copy his opinion as their own.

  23. Fix-a-flat injected into your ass? How stupid can you be?

    Untrained and unlicensed “medical professionals” is old news. There was a “doctor” doing plastic surgery in Florida, a “doctor” doing laser dermatology work in New York State. Its happened many times before. That’s it’s happening to the transgendered doesn’t make it any more topical or newsworthy.

  24. Mucus: “Nowhere did the article say that the transgendered ‘doctor’ actually or actively ‘target the transgendered community’… don’t be extra sensational.”

    Actually it did:

    From the article: “Oneal Ron Morris, 31, who is transgendered and known as “The Duchess,” preyed largely on other transgendered women who hoped to enhance their curves and gain more feminine features, authorities said.
    Another Florida transgendered woman, Rajee Narinesingh, was traumatized after The Duchess’s alleged injections to her face left her disfigured. ‘There was a sisterhood of trust. She was part of the transgender community herself,’ Narinesingh told the Sun Sentinel. ‘There was a feeling that she won’t do anything bad, she knows what she is doing.’ ”

    Oh, and if you had bothered to actually read what I wrote this week, you’d have noticed that I mentioned some of this week’s stories will be a few weeks old. But don’t let facts get in the way of your complaining.

  25. lol @ mucus!
    I love how you say “i’ve never heard anybody talk shit that didn’t sound stupid too.” when that’s exactly what you’re doing yourself. And there’s nothing wrong with sharing your opinion, but you should know what you’re talking about and reading the entire article/post usually helps, just saying.

    @ girl
    I completely agree with you. I’m not much older than she is and I would never think about publicizing something so controversial and potentially offensive without expecting some sort of backlash in return.

  26. First off, it’s transgender people, not “the transgendered”. Language is pretty important in that way.

    I’m going to go out on a limb and say that this trans “doctor” did prey specifically on trans women. Trans women(usually someone who has transitioned from male to female) are very visible. Because of this visibility, they often have difficulty in finding employment or housing. There are many medical professionals who require these people to jump through a variety of expensive and time-consuming hoops before they are “allowed” to get many procedures done.

    Imagine you’re in that position. Then a fellow trans woman says, “It’s ok! I can help you! It won’t be too expensive and you won’t have to jump through a million hoops!”

    Doesn’t it seem a lot more appealing now? Trans people just want their bodies to reflect who they are, much like many body mod people. They’re even more marginalized, and the procedures are much more expensive.

  27. I pity the poor girl, being so closed minded, perhaps instead of ripping her to shreds someone just needs to sit down and have a coffee with her and explain to her that what fixed her poor self image isn’t what fixes everyone else’s… good for her to feel happy about her body, but she shouldn’t rip other people apart in the process. Personally I am not offended in the least by a 19 year old complete stranger who i know nothing about:P Sounds like she’s just incredibly naive and needs some friends (tattooed or not!:P)

  28. Jesus, get a grip people. Leave this poor girl alone. As you say Rob, “the reaction was pretty harsh”. Over the top, i’d say. Way to give the modified community a bad name, by all ganging up on a 19 year old girl.

  29. im sorry but reading that top article all i could think was how much she looked like bloody sonny moore

    and how one sided she is too but you know

  30. im sorry but reading that top article all i could think was how much she looked like bloody sonny moore

    and how one sided she is too but you know

  31. im sorry but reading that top article all i could think was how much she looked like bloody sonny moore

    and how one sided she is too but you know

  32. I thought about emailing the girl about her opinions then thought hell I don’t really care.
    If she’s happy shopping so be it but I know my tattoos make me look better because I love them, love looking at them and they make me feel better about myself.
    Theres probably not much I can say to her to change her mind as there is NOTHING she can say to me to make me change my opinion on my mods.
    I’m not a natural beauty so I will decorate myself. :)

  33. congratulations skrillex on finding an old dial up modem and speakers

    I mean, yeah the trans community doesnt have a lot of choice, if they dont want to wait minimum 5 years and 10 grand a surgery

  34. Regarding the article: although I’ve already seen exerts from it on awfulmodifications, I still get a little angry on the inside. As many have stated, that article oozes of ignorance and such, but the thing that puzzles me the most is while she insists that “nothing comes out of getting a tattoo”, she doesn’t seem to speak from experience. And to people who somehow protect her from being bashed: not to be harsh, but she asked for it. Seeing that this is, after all, internet where people can pronounce their opinions freely, so if she didn’t suspect this kind of reaction – too bad. (Also, chuckled a little from her looking a little like Skrillex. But that’s just me.)

    Loved the idea of the ad, but seriously, “work of artist”? That’s a tramp stamp, just a little more trampy. However, the ad’s fun either way.

    (Just skipping over the tattooed child and cement buttocks while making a sad little giggle)

    @rainbowdash: looks like you’ve got the perfect girl, made me happy to read what you wrote about her. Congrats!

  35. Thank you Katherina, she’s honestly a good girl, her back tattoo is coming along slowly but its from her ass up her shoulder its huge, and I catch her looking over her shoulder in the mirror and grinning, and she says she wants the next 60 or so years with me, so we’ll be tattooed old people together…plus she’s paying for me to finish my sleeve, so who can argue with that?

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