Innies to outies

I regularly pierce clients who have inverted or slightly inverted nipples. Although it’s way more common than they’d think, most of them feel very self conscious about them and what they don’t realize is that in most cases, inverted nipples may be “corrected” by piercing.

This is a photo log of a client of mine who had severely inverted nipples and wanted to have them pierced in hopes of correcting them. She agreed to help me keep track of the healing progress by coming back once a week for updated photos.

To see the entire process, keep on reading.

Her nipples were so tightly inverted they couldn’t even be coaxed out for marking and I certainly had to get creative for the actual piercing procedure and placement.

before1 before2

The initial piercings went smoothly and the weeks following the client came in for weekly follow-ups with no issues. After six weeks with no incident, we decided that this was definitely a successful correction. I’m glad to have helped her out to take away her self-consciousness in regards to her nipples! LOVE thy nipples.


17 thoughts on “Innies to outies

  1. That’s some nice work. Do they stay out if the piercings are removed? Mine did, but I’m a guy so maybe it’s different.

  2. Great pics! Sadly, this didn’t work for me. It was kind of disastrous. I have since learned to love my Barbie tits and appreciate how easily I can get away with not wearing a bra.

  3. Lexci I’m so happy to see someone writing up about this! I’ve had awesome results with piercing inverted nipples for my clients as well- I would love to see the word get out about it. It’s great to know that they CAN be pierced, but even better to know that if you want to “fix” your nipples, there is a super simple, minimally invasive and affordable way to do it. Spread the word folks!

  4. Well done! I have a local plastic surgeon that refers a lot of his clients to me, when they come in with inverted nipples. The procedure is far cheaper and less invasive.

    As long as they are left in until the fistula fully develops, the results are normally quite successful.

  5. I think they are so beautiful. I <3 my nipple piercings, they are my favorite piercing I have so far. 🙂

  6. I’m delighted to know that inverted nipple piercing is possible. I’ve wanted them for some time but believed this wasn’t possible. Thank you very much!

  7. what happened to the photos? I wanted to see them because im thinking of doing the same. help

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