12 thoughts on “The Ultimate DIY

  1. Would be a really puzzling photo if they’d included the shadow of the guys boots off the edge of the chair’s footrest. Notice that the footrest’s shadow has no trace of the ends of the guys boots.

  2. Something better to do with your time? Then go do it.

    My mentor has a photo like this in his portfolio but with 3 of himself, and instead of a piercing he is drilling a hole into his head!

    I think my mentor used long exposure trick photography over Photoshop as the same results are completely possible without using Photoshop.

  3. Perhaps they are twins. Their hairlines are different! As for the shadows, I’m not sure there would be one of the tip of the boot since the angle this was taken suggests they would just blend in with the squared footrest. Either way though, it’s still a pretty neat photograph.

  4. Actually, I totally take that first bit back, after starring at the mirror in the background for a bit I’m not seeing any reflections. Oh well haha.

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