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  1. Well i think that’s skinny …. i know girls that are 5’3 and weigh 140 lbs … and they’re not skinny but they’re not big/fat either so my likings …
    So considering that , you’re skinny ! maybe you don’t think so, but i think you’re too skinny …

    And that’s the problem with allot of girls/woman lately … thay always want to be skinnier then what’s good for them.
    Because they think that they need to be skinny to get a boylfriend … well gals you can find a boyfriend you only have to stop picking the douchbags cause they want you to be skinny to show of to their friends but cheat on you when they find a skinnier prettyer girl.
    I rather have a girlfriend with a little touch on it , who loves to go out eating some decent food , than a wooden plank with flesh around it who only eats raw cucumbers and carrots to stay at weight ….

  2. @Vincent
    Or perhaps the problem is people judging another’s appearance. Period.

    Are you not the same for judging someone based on being TOO skinny as you would be for judging someone for being too fat? Just as someone shouldn’t think they need to be skinny to get a boyfriend, no-one should feel the need to be thicker to get a boyfriend. It should never be about getting a boyfriend. Or girlfriend. You may think you’re being anti-judgmental and anti-superficial but in actuality you are doing the same thing, albeit on the other side of the societal spectrum.

    @ Morgy – you are one hot thing. Be it larger or smaller, I don’t care. You look good as you are. Hot!
    I’m 5’10 and 130 and actually look larger than you. We all carry our tissues differently and weight is no indicator of size (muscle vs. fat). Do what makes you happy!

  3. @Vincent: I’ve seen other photos of Morgy, she’s definitely not a bag of antlers.

    @Reggie: The tattoos have nothing to do with True Blood. The fangs on the other hand…

  4. It really is a shame that BME is so full of judgemental people, when it seemed so much more tight knit and supportive when I first discovered it 6 years ago.

    Im just the size I like, thankyou, and my ‘hodge podge’ sleeve has just had another 6 hours of work added to it and still requires around 2 more sessions and at least 12 more hours of work to be completed.

    Lighten up, people.

  5. smoking hot!! The ink is great but those fangs ….. damn I sooo want to be bitten!!!

  6. Morgy – I think you look great. There is such a huge backlash against slim/thin women, it’s unreal. It’s true women do come in all shapes and sizes and that includes thin.

  7. Urgh Vincent, your attitude is what wrong with a lot of people at the moment.
    Maybe you like girls bigger, thats great, but don’t assume that a lot of skinny girls are starving themselves to get a boyfriend. Jeez. thats such an archaic view, you sound like my nana.
    Women all have their own views of perfection, and many try to change their body shape to feel comfortable with themselves. Like modification, its finding your own way of being comfortable and in control of your body. Sorry to ruin your egotistical illusion but its hardly ever to impress men!

    People will always be naturally different sizes and have different views on perfection.

  8. uh I know plenty of skinny people that eat full meals and a lot of bigger people that eat barely anything. I hate these assumptions, and they make you look like the one who’s a douchebag.

  9. Wow Vincent there are no words.
    This girl looks stunning and who gives a toss about boyfriends.
    I lost weight to try to loose the stomache for a tattoo oh and because I thought I looked better.
    In future all women must make sure they are an acceptable weight for Vincent. Also check all modification plans with him first as he is obviously an expert of what men want -_-

  10. seriously.. i hope no one reads this and thinks there’s more people like him on here. i don’t understand why people think its so bad to be skinny or thin or not super curvy. some people just have that kind of body type or carry their weight differently. you can’t really tell someone, especially someone you don’t know, that they’re not a healthy weight for their height.

    and i think her sleeve is beautiful. nice clean lines and simple appeal.

  11. Well let’s state it like this , i know not a single girl/woman that i have met that likes my posture , i’m not really fat but i’m certainly not on the right weight for my height.
    When i like a girl and she likes me it’s always i’m the friend guy cause offcourse she can’t have a boyfriend that’s not perfectly bodied or doesn’t have a six-pack …

    So to reply to Jessica , i don’t understand people either, why they think it’s so bad to be a little overweight/chubby …

    I this my way of picking on skinny girls then? I don’t know ,probabbly as i can read everything i’m saying here.
    But that’s just what my vision is now, or what people made me think …
    If they can be picky on my weight or posture , then i think i have the right to call someone skinny if i think they’re too skinny for my likings or is that wrong ? i seriously don’t know anymore …

  12. Vincent- I have a strong feeling its not your weight or posture that keeps you in the friend zone. I can sense your low selfesteem and poor out look and attitude from here and I can tell you for sure I would never be interested in dating a guy like you. What can you offer a girl, other than a negative outlook? PMA ALL DAY!! I have a feeling you also don’t smile much, try it, you’ll feel better and maybe won’t have the need to troll the internet to try to bring down the beautiful women you will never have the privilege of dating because your attitude SUCKS! If I may, here are a few books that could probably really help you, The Four Agreements and The Celestine Prophecy. Have a good day!

  13. Nah i don’t like to read.
    Let’s make it like this most females out there only care about the perfect body , nough said.
    If a boy is super good for them loving them the way they are , they’re just like i said the tipical best friends or teddybears.

    When a boy is just ok with a superhot body who will likely bang anything he comes across , then they become the boyfriend.

    You probably don’t believe me but i don’t care , i’m supersweet to anyone i know and if i really like a girl i treat’m as my precious.
    Do you think i’ve ever had a girlfriend ? NO
    And no it’s not because of the attitude here on the internet , no-one knows me and i don’t know anyone here so i can do whatever i want.
    But now i just don’t care anymore , if a girl comes crying to me because here perfect boyfriend cheated or broke up i just don’t care , sure i’ll listen to what she has to say so she can relief hereself a bit , but i will not be the person again to console her and then be left alone again.

    I love girls , i like girls.
    But as it is now i rather have my friends than a girl …
    They’re the ones who’ll support me and love me.

    And like i said you can say about me what you want , but i can tell you that i ain’t the one with an attitude …

    It’s most of these heartless girls out there who got the attitude !

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