Guess What?

Zero.  That’s right none, zip, nada.  That’s how many people are going to get this one.

Take your best guess.  It’ll be wrong, but guess anyway.

Now unless you’ve already seen this in the galleries, there’s no possible way you could have guess that you were looking at a heavily play-pierced hand

Here’s one more just to give you a bit of perspective on just how many needles there are.

A big thanks to Sadistica for giving us yet another picture for Guess What?  Be sure to check out Sadistica’s hard bonus gallery.

27 thoughts on “Guess What?

  1. I got it and I never, ever get these right. The soft creasing made it pretty clear it was the side of a hand. Maybe just the observant art student in me?

  2. Honey, I guessed right and I don’t even have an account :D (as Kayla said, it’s the creasing that can help you find the right answer)

  3. I got it right this time and it wasn’t so hard.
    Why do you always say it’s gonna be hard if it’s not a penis?
    Quite a paradox, I’d say^^

  4. i thought it was either fingers or a penis . i was kind of surprised it wasn’t a penis.

  5. I got it!!!!
    but then again. I did a play piercing session on my friends hands and forearms (108 in total)

  6. I was…..wrong. sad day. I thought you were trying to be clever with another Achilles tendon close up. Such a fool I am.

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