Smelling something new

I’m not going to claim this is the first time someone has done this piercing, but it is rare enough that neither Jen nor I have seen it before, and we’ve seen a lot.

Sent in by Amiraye, this subnasal piercing differs from a septum piercing in that it goes directly through the tissue at the bottom of her nose.  Definitely not something you see every day.

14 thoughts on “Smelling something new

  1. At least not that I can recall. It’s entirely possible I have and just don’t remember. These things happen as you get older… 🙂

  2. I did one about a year ago; don’t see them often; she wanted it so she could wear a small barbell and it still be visible unlike a traditional septum.

  3. If someone walked into the shop with this my first thought would be “damn who fucked up her septum piercing”. Since this is not the case though, and it was done on purpose, I guess this could be cool. I’ve never heard of this before.

  4. I’m not sure if I would be comfortable doing one of these on a client, simply because I have seen improperly placed (too low) septum piercings reject several times. The damage it can do is pretty devastating- I’ve seen the tissue just split in half and healed that way. I have also seen the same sort of placement cause other unusual looking deformities in the cartilage and skin in that area after they migrated, even when it didn’t fully reject. I would just want to see a lot more evidence that this placement in the soft tissue is more inclined to stay in place before I would do one for somebody.

  5. Ive seen dozens of these performed by a local piercer who insists that septum piercings should NOT pass through the cartilage for some reason which is beyond my imagination, many of the clients have had them reject and have come for advice as to why. For this reason I agree with Cj. Also to clarify it is possible to pierce deviated septum’s and this is certainly not an appropriate alternative.

  6. i’m with CJ and jake…. i see one a week coming in wanting to know wht it hasnt healed after 6 months, and can they get some smaller jewellery because the 16G curved barbell they had it done with is hanging off. they’re always wonky as hell and each of the clients (usually underage kids) say how painful it was – so kudos to this lady for sitting thru it.

    however, this one is soooo much nicer and straighter than the ones i see. tho i guess if the client understands the risk of migration/rejection and the piercer monitors it closely, its something that could work and look good. just maybe not something to put on the menu, and certainly dont show it to hacks who’ll then think what they’re doing is perfectly fine! xxx

  7. Hmmm, i asked for my “septum” pierced and she pierced it through the cartilidge about 5mm from the bottom of my nose, it didnt reject. So my piercing is actually called a subnasal?

  8. Looks like a bad septum piercing, as other people have pointed out.
    I went to a tattoo shop to get my septum pierced and the guy informed me that I had a deviated septum, so he pierced the skin below the nose, very similar to the piercing in the picture. This was possibly the most painful experience I’ve ever had and I say this after giving birth to three children naturally.

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