Bad Taste Piercing, Redeemed

I am in the uncomfortable position of telling you that this piercing, done by Baz Black (fb/BazBlackPiercing) in Dundalk, Ireland, has been named “The Hitler Piercing“… Yikes. Baz isn’t sure how long the lifespan will be, as it was just freehanded in place using a curved barbell, rather than using traditional surface piercing techniques or even piercing right through the lip, but the piercing went well even though that skin is quite solid, and was relatively painless.


Let me be fair though and redeem Baz’s good name by also showing you a “tiger scratch” skin peel scarification that he did. I think sometimes when people see these “faux wounds” they write them off as somewhat trite, but before you make that mistake let me share the story behind it,

I loved tigers from no age but when I was a little kid I used to draw on tiger claw scratches on myself and tell the other kids in Spain I had been attacked by a tiger. After the laughter subsided, I would head to class and just dream about how they wouldn’t laugh if it was for real.

Then my weight started to balloon. I yo-yo’d for years until finally I got to where I am now — I got it under control and I decided to have this done.

As we where leaving and walking down the street I got all kinda emotional! This is a lifelong dream to have those marks and they mean so much because I could never have them, being so overweight before, with the rolls of fat in that area. It was a case of having gotten over one hurdle with my weight, then another one of letting someone see my body, and finally the hurdle of the pain getting it done.

Such a beautiful story!


00ga Mega-Bridge Piercing

You may remember the name Eric Stango (of Lifestyles in Worcester) from a couple odd piercings from his portfolio that I’ve shared with you — the cat whiskers and the “climbing man” ear project — but today I actually wanted to show you the piercing that he wears in the middle of his face. Depending on the anatomy of their skull, many people are lucky to be able to wear a 14ga barbell, and the bridge is not generally a piercing that is forgiving to stretching. Eric though, has managed to get his up to 00ga (that’s what you’re seeing in this photo, which you can zoom in to for a closer view) — normally wearing a very hefty barbell in it — with the goal of pushing it to 1/2″.

Real men get MANroes

Perhaps you have always wondered how burly masculine fellows can stomach getting an off-centre upper lip labret piercing, since all their proper names are girlie — “Monroe”, “Madonna”, or the largely archaic “Chrome Crawford”. Adam Richins of Warlock’s Tattoo and Body Piercing in North Carolina solved that problem when he did these on Brad Smith, starting nice and big and strong at lucky 7mm, and dubbing them MANROES. Works for me. But Adam, what were you thinking giving him PINK jewelry!?!? All that manly progress put at risk!


PS. If you’re especially sharp-eyed, you can see Brad’s original off-centre lower labrets, which were also large gauge.

Smelling something new

I’m not going to claim this is the first time someone has done this piercing, but it is rare enough that neither Jen nor I have seen it before, and we’ve seen a lot.

Sent in by Amiraye, this subnasal piercing differs from a septum piercing in that it goes directly through the tissue at the bottom of her nose.  Definitely not something you see every day.

The Mouth of a Lion

Well well well, here we have young Justin, hailing from Oxnard, California’s scenic Channel Islands! As we can see, those are two-inch lobes (with 00-gauge piercings above those), a four-gauge septum piercing and 10-gauge twin lip piercings. Up next? Cheek piercings and stretching, stretching, stretching. Best of luck, sir!

Three Different Names

Good morning, ModBloggers! Let’s kick things off with the lovely Auxo, Paloma in her lap, getting worked on by a gent who may very well look familiar. (His sleeve, at the very least, should set off some alarms.) Oh, what’s that? You’d like some more shots from this series? I think we can do that. You know where to look.

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