There Be Dragons

It’s hard to see in the before photo, but this is actually a cover-up of a cover-up.  That’s right, this is the third dragon to live on that shoulder, and hopefully it’ll be the last one.  Jackie Rabbit took 6 hours over 2 sessions to create this monster.  I think what stands out the most for me is how she managed to get the light colours to stand out while covering up some darker ones.

8 thoughts on “There Be Dragons

  1. this is really REALLY well done for a cover up! It’s almost unnoticeable. In fact I don’t think you would notice unless you kinda knew what you were looking for!

  2. Is that an original piece of art drawn by Jackie Rabbit? If so, there’s nothing that’s out of that girl’s reach. Probably one of the best tattooers I’ve seen and totally worthy of all the Modblog exposure!

  3. Wow this cover up is amazing! I have some red that I want covered with a pink. The fact that there is bright green over black is stunning!

  4. joao x – The photos posted on ModBlog are chosen from submissions to BME. If the artist submits his/her work to BME, it’s possible that they will be posted to ModBlog.

  5. Every time you post about Jackie I am saddened that she went back to VA from IN when we worked together! she is amazing!!! I can’t wait to go visit her and get some work myself!

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