Car vs. Febian vs. Samppa

Samppa ( has of course done numerous amazing facial scarification projects, many of which have been featured here on ModBlog, but I especially enjoyed this one he just did on Febian (while guesting at Rings of Pleasure). Below it’s pictured both fresh and a week into the healing. The design isn’t purely chaotic — it’s done to mask or reclaim old scars from a car accident (which of course parallels the many scars we’ve seen that cover up old self-injury).

Tattooing colour over black tattoos

If you are a part of various social networks there’s a good chance that today you saw this crazy coverup by Tim Beck of Freedom Ink Tattoo Co in Peoria, IL as it went viral today. This isn’t surprising, because most people would assume that you couldn’t do a tattoo this bright — and this light — over solid black. There’s been some debate on how this is going to look healed, with some people saying it’s going to disappear completely, even though Tim swears he’s done others and although they do darken a little, overall he feels that he can successfully tattoo new art over solid black.


Steve Truitt of Ascension in Albuquerquer, who is no stranger to ModBlog had one of those typical “piercer arms” tattooed solid black. However, instead of scarring over it or leaving it all black like many do, he had Roman tattoo a bold biomech piece over the solid black, with no laser removal or other preparation in advance. Here is how it looked right after they tattooed it.


And here it is healed, a month later. As you can see, it did get a bit darker, but overall it is still bright and bold, and you’d never know that it was over black. Now, I should point out one important thing — tattooing over solid black is very different than tattooing over a tattoo image. When it’s solid black, you have a regular canvas — the way the inks combine across the tattoo is going to be consistent, rather than having to compensate for the variations below it. So the counter-intuitive truth may be that in some cases it’s actually easier to tattoo over solid black, rather than doing a “normal” coverup!


There Be Dragons

It’s hard to see in the before photo, but this is actually a cover-up of a cover-up.  That’s right, this is the third dragon to live on that shoulder, and hopefully it’ll be the last one.  Jackie Rabbit took 6 hours over 2 sessions to create this monster.  I think what stands out the most for me is how she managed to get the light colours to stand out while covering up some darker ones.

Leg.. wait for it.. ionary

When it comes to cover-ups, Jackie Rabbit doesn’t mess around.  Take a look at these before and after photos and you can see just how well she was able to remove any trace of the original work.  Plus she was able to take elements of the original design and expand on them greatly to create the portrait that you see in the final photo.

Oh, and feel free to correct me if I’m wrong about the type of soldier this is.  My knowledge of ancient armor is limited to a couple of history classes and Hollywood, so if this isn’t a Roman Legionary, I apologize.