No-Pants Friday

While I don’t think going in to work with no pants on is really an option for most people, if you happen to be a model working with Chris M Day, then you can probably expect not to be wearing any pants (or clothes for that matter).

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13 thoughts on “No-Pants Friday

  1. her body is perfect, and they’re great pictures

    I really wish the first one wasn’t photoshopped though. Her curves would have been beautiful without cutting pieces of her out of the picture.

  2. Gorgeous photos, but I agree about wishing the first one had been left untouched. Beautiful though.

  3. Hot Hot Hot! LOVE both photos, photoshopped or not. The 2nd photo is amazing,
    love how the sun is reflecting on the floor through the windows, and how she is nude,
    done with style.

  4. Thanks for the comments. Just FYI I did not modify her body with the retouching on the first that is her form. I just did skin smoothing and removed the bite marks from all the bugs attacking us

  5. I can tell from the pixels

    (look between her waist and her arm)

    Chris – that part at her waist against the green looks a bit off, but I appreciate your input. I looked through your portfolio the other day, and you’ve definitely got the touch of making beautiful women look as beautiful as they are.

  6. The “off” part your noticing is probably “depth of field” I shoot at wide apertures. If you look at her front shoulder it’s in focus and as you get to her rear shoulder it begins to fall off. Your probably used to seeing the entire subject sharp which isn’t my style. Take a look at my website for a full sized version that is easier to view.

  7. Can definitely notice four indentations on the right hand side of her back. Those aren’t fat rolls either, this girl is fit.

  8. Methinks someone spends a lil bit too much time looking at this particular girl, hmmm Rob? 😉

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