If you’re a fan of Punk, click “LIKE”

Normally when I post something from Sonja, it’s an elaborate geometric design.  This is a little different, but you can still see just how well she can work a needle when it comes to dotwork.  Oh, and stay tuned today as there’s going to be a lot more awesome from her.

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6 thoughts on “If you’re a fan of Punk, click “LIKE”

  1. Is it punk rock to buy into how much you love the capitalist, corporate, socio-political service that your bosses have to have your password to in some situations in order to be hired? Those things? Why not just get I heart big brother, I mean of course we do, but orwell wouldn’tve advertised. THUMBS UP LIKE

  2. Aesthetically this looks pretty awesome. It really is a nice looking piece. As for the content? Pretty much ^^^that^^^.

  3. They probably listen to Blink 182 and Sum 41 and think that that’s real punk rock. Haha

  4. I gotta be honest, that is a terrible tattoo. I love dot-work tattoos and I respect the work that went into it, but the end result is awful

  5. I don’t mind pop punk bands, that’s not the problem. I mean I’ve been happy to go to a newfoundglory show for $15 to break up the monotony of a concertless winter, when all the bands I want to see are like $75 but that doesn’t mean that I think that every new fad is the best fad–imagine if they had gotten a myspace [looks like a pawn] “user is online” icon or something–it’d be like LOL YOU THOUGHT MYSPACE WOULD LAST? Give facebook a couple years. No one uses icq anymore. Everything essentially does the same thing but switches hands, that’s all. I don’t think it’s the worst tattoo I’ve ever seen if I don’t look at the facebook like thumb– Also I wish that facebook had a dislike button, because when I say “I was at the doctor’s office for 5 hours, turns out that the receptionist didn’t actually mark that I was there even though she took my information then went for lunch and didn’t tell the new girl” 10 LIKES and I’m like, are you people sadistic assholes, I like it being acknowledged but I wish there were other ways to voice your feelings– But yeah I just feel like it’s buying into the heart of cyber bullying and a new age popularity game… The people who wouldn’t talk to me in high school add me and I’m like, decline, with the message “We are not friends” No one has 500 friends, and I don’t like being judged for having like 60 whom I’ve spent more than a couple hours with. I mean we can have and use facebook without making it our identities I’m in the process of a transition and it wouldn’t let me change my name even though, I emailed them and said “pretty unicorn smith” is not a name but this will be my LEGAL name, I’m having a sex change and getting married in the next 15 months– I never got a response, but the faq page was like, make a new account you’re s.o.l

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